Thursday, December 27, 2007

More New Year Spin from NeuLiebor

£500m revamp plan for Longbridge

Two days ago they were splashing out £20M (peanuts) on redeveloping the west of scotland, now its £500M (walnuts) on the former Longbridge site. The thing that strikes me is that it includes 1400 homes, a shopping centre and a paltry £20M 'innovation centre'. Another industrial site bites the dust, god knows how they think they are going to stuff 10,000 jobs the site when most of it will be housing?

More soft-soaping for the masses I'm afraid.

Posted by enuii @ 10:15 AM (833 views)
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6 thoughts on “More New Year Spin from NeuLiebor

  • Ahhh there’s where you’re wrong ! They don’t really need the 10,000 jobs because they can just keep selling the houses to each other for ever increasing amounts of money. Simple really. :o)

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  • Who on earth would want to live on the desolate old Longbridge site. Its surrounded by the deprived areas of Northfield, Rubery, Rednal, West Heath, Cofton and Frankley. The site would need a security fence to keep out all the chavs. Ten thousand new jobs ? someone is having a laugh. Labour must be very keen to hang on to this marginal seat. The labour government could have saved Rover but let it go to the wall at the cost of 50000 jobs in the region . Pity it was not a northern bank.

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  • Great, another big regen project, plucked and ready for the pot!

    Why am I spending my life ripping down good industries and clearing land to make way for yet more shopping centres and more dull, miserable badly built housing estates?

    It’s all Britain’s got now. Ports, to bring in the imports. Warehouses, from which the imports are distributed to the, Shopping Centres from which the imports are taken to Houses, for attic storage before consignment to Landfill Sites.

    So that’s

    Shopping Centres

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  • tyrellcorporation says:

    Daft boy. Would you rather buy a Honda or a Rover with your hard earned cash? ……Enough said!

    Rover was destined to go to the wall due to it’s shoddy products (it was just a shame it was kept propped up for as long as it was). Face it, we just can’t DO mass production in this country anymore – a cocktail of woeful management and destructive unions has seen to that.

    Returning to this article. This will be another vile retail centre with humans strapped to it, feeding it with credit cash and state handouts. This type of development simply won’t work unless real wealth creation returns and under New Labour I just can’t see that happening. The housing boom is over and with it, the MEW cash and feel-good factor which has inflated New Labour over the last decade. I think Sterling will plummet this year along with every other indicator apart from employment, crime and immigration which will continue marching onwards and upwards.

    Euroland (especially Germany) is looking quite attractive right now. It would appear the sick man of Europe was in fact pumped with steroids for about 10 years and is now having heart problems as a result.

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  • Tyrell, I’m sure that it’s not beyond the wit of our NeuLiebor masters to be able to dream up some new statistical wheeze to keep such bad news as unemployment, crime and immigration out of the news.

    After all economy propping consumer confidence is everything!

    Noticed that the live report from the Trafford Centre on the BBC News stating that it was bursting at the scenes ironically had a remarkably low number of punters milling to and fro in the background.

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  • Perhaps the introduction of a super casino on the site would also help regenerate the region – here’s the plan (1) get into the housing market on phase 1 build and by the time phase 3 is up for release prices will have shot up 15% (UK house prices only ever go up) – (2) withdraw equity from property and invest wisely in the casino (law of averages – everyone’s a winner) (3) Spend casino winnings in nearby shopping centre (take Taxi home)

    Finally repeat process successfully over 10 year period as part of proven economic miracle.

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