Saturday, December 15, 2007

BBC says banks lend people money and then want it back – how unfair!

Banks 'prey on customers in debt'

Have you noticed how the BBC wraps up its own opinions in quotes. Like:

    Public think BBC 'did the right thing'
    Poll says BBC is 'completely unbiased'
    Britain think BBC is 'doing a great job'

Remember, when you see it in quotes from the BBC its because its the BBC news editors' own opinions

Posted by paul @ 12:49 PM (621 views)
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4 thoughts on “BBC says banks lend people money and then want it back – how unfair!

  • The impression from the article that I get is that Mr Chandler is probably after getting away with as much as he can without going the IVA or Bankruptcy route, the HSBC seems reasonable in what they are doing. The article then goes on about aggressive letters from banks to debtors (ah diddums) though I’m sure the bailiffs can do better ones before taking your stuff or repossessing your house.

    A bleeding heart waste of a time of an article based around a mediocre story.

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  • This isn’t news. It’s something ITN used to do all the time running a story as first so you watch the other show.Think it was the tonight show.

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  • Freewheelin' Franklin says:

    Tosh – the BBC is paraphrasing the opinions of those it has interviewed and putting those in inverted commas in a headline – standard practice in the media – the Daily Mail as much as the BBC. Paul you’re talking drivel – you”d do better to question the merits of the story which does seem to have been flammed up a bit

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  • I don’t agree with bleeding heart waste of time. Whether this is the best offer or not, phoning someone daily to take on a 13% interest loan sounds like pressure on a vulnerable person to me. You make an offer and let someone decide, not this aggressive marketing stuff.

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