Thursday, November 15, 2007

Emigration, I wonder if the EAs mention it in their mantra

Emigration soars as Britons desert the UK

"Last year, 207,000 British citizens - one every three minutes - left the country while 510,000 foreigners arrived to stay for a year or more. The majority of people leaving the UK go to New Zealand, France, Spain or Australia. The British made up more than half of the 400,000 moving abroad" 400k moved out! so only 110k net influx... yet another nail in the coffin of the housing market!

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11 thoughts on “Emigration, I wonder if the EAs mention it in their mantra

  • the northerner living in oz says:

    Yes i am one of them 🙂

    First applied to leave 5 years ago

    I realised i was doing the right thing after blairs comments
    regarding the 125.000 pensioners whom lost there final salary pensions
    have they been comenstated yet?

    bet it would have cost less than the 23 Billion given to northern rock.

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  • I’ve been giving it some serious thought for a while now. I’ve lived abroad in the past, it certainly doesn’t faze me. If the economy here stays sound then I’ll probably stay, but if it goes tits up I’ll be on the first plane out (as will everyone else I imagine). Canada for me, thanks.

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  • please stay where you are. We have enough POMs inflating the NZ market with their overvalued pounds as it is.

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  • I have a full residency permit for Oz that expires in 2010.
    Trouble is with Oz that you end up buining all your hols returning to the UK (in your summer, UK winter) and the plane tickets going Oz-UK-Oz cost 50% more. And property in Oz is even more stupidly expensive than the UK. And wages are lower.
    Apart from the sunshine (which is OK up to 33 degrees C), Oz didn’t really stack up from where I stand.
    Go on, call me a whinging POM.

    If you run the figures, 400K in and 200K out.
    That means that every 8 years a city the size of Birmingham of immigrants is created.

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  • C'mon Correction says:

    The economy is going “tits up” Drewster, so Canada it is ! I’ll be right behind.

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  • tyrellcorporation says:

    Squirrel27 are you a native Kiwi?

    Is it ok if me and my family come over? My wife was born in Tauranga.

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  • tyrell – i am a native 4th generation kiwi but my wife is a South African however that is ok because the rand is worth bugger all and they can’t use it to price kiwis out of the market. My personal opinion is that foreigners should be required to invest most of their money into the nz sharemarket and earn kiwi dollars towards a house so they get an idea of how it feels buying a house in Auckland where it takes 100% of the median take home pay to service a mortgage on a median house (and that is before rates, maintenenance, insurance, transaction costs etc etc). The Poms complain about their housing market and it is ridiculous, but nothing like NZ where prices reflect salaries earned in the Uk, US and China. Walk around a nice suburb in auckland and you will struggle to hear a NZ accent. Non home owning NZers have effectively been moved down a rung re housing aspirations due to the alarming tide of johnny foreigners. No wonder most kiwis are moving to Aus, which incidentally is where I am. Have a nice day!

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  • OZ and UK are similar and different. If you are interested here is my summary. hacked a bit from a personal email to a friend and my knowledge is mainly Sydney and Melbourne

    Luxury goods ie designer clothes/watches/flash cars are very expensive especially if they are European.
    Education. This is the biggest difference of all. In the UK you pay for education by paying a higher price to live in an area near good schools. In Australia 40% of all schools are fee paying and any middle class family would want to pay as the state schools are definitely not the done thing. In the UK you need to be very well off to send children to private school which only represents 6% of schooling. 0f course there are good private schools in Australia but they are not much cheaper than normal private schools in the UK. Fees are lower but can be as high as £10k a year.
    Health isnt free. Costs $20 for doctors appointment for instance. People over there complain that you have to pay for lots of things you don’t in UK but apart from health I am not sure what. (For gods sake we pay, TV licence, congestion charges, outrageous parking charges)
    Another big thing is interest rates I mean you are paying an additional 1.5% on your mortgage which on £300k is £200 per month more out of taxable income.
    The average aussie spends a lot on petrol, although much cheaper, most cars guzzle fuel and most families drive about 25k miles a year.
    Travel, if abroad, is expensive it costs more for an aussie to go to the UK than vice versa Also it is a 10 hour flight to the nearest popular holiday destination, the far east.!

    Where your money will go further is:


    Houses are much bigger which certainly gives you the impression of being better off and is great for kids. This and the weather is one main reason to move.
    Sports facilities are fantastic funnily enough.
    Public Transport is cheaper but everyone drives,
    Childcare is much cheaper about half the price and subsidized by the Gov but again the costs in smart suburbs of Melbourne/Sydney is getting more expensive.
    Eating out and entertainment is cheaper but the gap is seriously closing when we compare sydney and london over the last few years. When we were there last summer I would say it was the same price now. I think Melbourne is cheaper though. The choice however is limited compared to London.
    If you love sea food and Asian food then OZ is great for that.

    Other things re the weather. Melbourne and Sydney can get seriously hot 40 degrees as you know and also Melbourne can get cold in winter with frosts and snow etc.

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  • Squirrel27 said:
    >>Walk around a nice suburb in auckland and you will struggle to hear a NZ accent

    Squirrel, I can only conclude that there must be previously inhabited areas of the world that are empty. Whilst walking around some of the towns in my home county of Somerset,UK I struggle to hear an English accent. These towns are in contrast to your comment about “nice” suburbs because the towns in question are shite. Just strikes me as interesting the mass migration that is currently going on around the world.
    Genuinely emphasise with your comment of poms inflating house prices but 10 years of Labour government are driving those who can afford it out to better places such as NZ, Aus so ultimately it is a complement. Personally, and just to be different I’m looking at taking the wife and kids to Norway but NZ would be high up the list.

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  • Went on a trip to Brittany a few weeks back.
    Beautiful, empty, unspoilt.
    Lanion (or is it Lannion ?) is a high tech hub as well, and 15 mins drive from the clean, unspoilt pink granite coast. And only 200 miles from me (on the Southern UK coast).

    Shame they can’t get their economy a bit more commerce friendly though.

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  • Drewster & CC. I’m no fan of the current sham that is the UK, but I’d rather be here than Canada in 15–20 years when the cowboys
    who live south of the border come rootin shootin after natural resourses. Kiwi is a beautiful place, but it’s just SOOOOO DULL.

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