Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yvette Cooper gives her thoughts on housing again.

To achieve affordable housing, we'll fight selfish nimbyism

I guess her views matter more than most since she is one of the few people in a position to do anything about it and I doubt she would write something that hadn't been sanctioned by GB.

Posted by becky @ 09:41 AM (484 views)
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4 thoughts on “Yvette Cooper gives her thoughts on housing again.

  • Becky,
    my take on that is the government does not want to do anything not to take the blame for breaking the toy.
    So they will launch studies and consultations, waste some money and build 20 flats, then invite the press.
    In 2 years time the BTL speculation will subside, and prices will go down, the housing problem will not be there and the government will say “we told you, the market has fixed itself, we knew that, we did not cover the south east in concrete”

    Yvette Cooper… what i think about her and these puppets in the government…

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  • The main conclusion to be drawn from this article is that the government will do little or nothing to help affordable housing. Infact quite the opposite, the cheap credit and reckless public spending environment of recent years has created unaffordable housing. The good news is just printing money has its consequences and what we are presently witnessing throigh spiralling interest rates (which will depress asset prices) is the unwinding of a fictitious unsustainable economy.

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  • Well let’s see what gets announced tomorrow.

    If this crowd had not already been in power for ten years, I would feel much more encouraged by this..

    I have this strong feeling that what will be announced will be more studies – more reports – more consultants – more empty headlines – more political point scoring – and more time-wasting…

    But you never know..

    Personally, as a first step, I would focus on the punitive taxation of wasted resources such as derelict land and empty houses, and auction off some redundant MOD bases for immediate development, both by developers and self-builders. Forget the carbon neutral crap – get stuff built.

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  • david20040_0 says:

    “That is why for a Labour government, housing is one of our top priorities for the next few years. I believe it must be our shared endeavour as a society to provide the decent, well-designed homes desperately needed by today’s young people and future generations. To do anything less would be shameful”

    And letting house prices rise this much isn’t?????


    Didn’t Gordon Brown say he wouldn’t let house prices get this high in 97? This is just more New Labour spin.

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