Friday, July 13, 2007

How to sell your home in a hurry

How to sell your home in a hurry

IF YOUR house stubbornly refuses to sell, never fear – here are some expert tips to help you get things moving: Sarah Beeny, presenter of Channel 4’s Property Ladder, says: I strongly believe there’s no such thing as a house that won’t sell. If it isn’t selling it’s too expensive. The Martins (see story on left) may have dropped their price by £100,000, but that’s clearly not enough.

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7 thoughts on “How to sell your home in a hurry

  • shipbuilder says:

    Sadly, it will probably take the likes of Sarah Beeny to convince idiots of the blindingly obvious.

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  • Beeny has been bearish for a good 6 months now, but, like her TV programme, the greedsters just ain’t listening.

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  • george monsoon says:

    Here are my tips on selling your house..

    1. Drop the price, its probably extortionately overvalued.
    2. try lowering the asking price, it may attract more interest
    3. accept offers under the asking price, maybe your aspirations outweigh reality..
    4. stop being such a greedy cnunt and sell it at an affordable price, Don’t you know that houses are now dropping in value, you muppet.
    5. Don’t sell your house, simply wait until your credit card debt, car loans, mortgage rate increases and that holiday loan you took out, default enough for the bank to take it of your hands for you.

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  • Ed Balls need to educate the over 30s aswell as schoolkids in some basic Market Theory.
    There are a lot of RDPs (really dumb people) out there.

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  • tipping point says:

    It’s often said that a small shock is always good for the market. Something is needed for people to realise that prices can go down as well as up. A scare is therefore required. I recommend the following tax neutral changes to the house!

    1) increase council tax by 200% for all but band A properties
    2) remove stamp duty on house purchases
    3) remove all council tax exemptions
    4) Increase tax free limit so that net effect to the treasury of (1) and (2) above is zero

    Step (1) will be a clear incentive to downgrade
    Step (2) will increase liquidity in the market
    Step (3) will hit buy to sit landlords
    Step (4) will help low income people hit by step (1)

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  • Politically unacceptable, but I would go the other way and raise stamp duty to at least 5% on all properties for the next 2 years, effective immediately on properties that have not exchanged. Think of it as a bid-offer spread. 🙂
    I would also widen the remit of the MPC to include control of house price bubbles (and maybe asset inflation generally if achievable) as a future consideration when setting interest rates. If they had been able to do that a couple of years back, the mess would have been less, err… messy.

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  • Cstanhope707 says:

    tipping point

    How about

    – Zero Stamp Duty on your first property
    – 1% on your second
    – 2% on your 3rd up to a maximum say of about 6 to 7%

    This way speculators would be hit without damaging the single home owner

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