Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Following yesterday’s ‘It’s Great Commuting’ article – It’s about to get ‘Not So Great!’…and this will feed into inflation to boot!

Rail improvements will cost passengers billions

Passengers have been handed a multi-billion pound bill to help pay for what the Government hailed as "the most ambitious strategy for growth on the railways for 50 years". As Ruth Kelly, the new Transport Secretary, unveiled a series of improvements designed to improve reliability and ease overcrowding, it emerged that about half the additional cost is likely to come from fare increases.

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7 thoughts on “Following yesterday’s ‘It’s Great Commuting’ article – It’s about to get ‘Not So Great!’…and this will feed into inflation to boot!

  • What is it about rail users that makes them think they have a god-given right to be subsidised by everyone else?

    The railways are hopelessly uneconomic – at the last count, every journey gets subsidised by the tax-payer to the tune of about £3.50. Yet coaches pay tax, VAT and fuel duty, and make a profit without subsidy, (the tickets are usually cheaper too..)

    The railway was a great invention of the 19th century – but this is now the 21st..

    Rip up the rails, tar over the ballast and create express coach routes..

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  • dohousescrashinthewoods says:

    In Oman, they decided not to build a railway when they developed the infrastructure.
    They have good roads instead, but the traffic is starting to build up.

    The question, really, is how do you efficiently get half the population of the ultra-capital-centric (myopic?) British Isles efficiently and cheaply into a single city on a daily basis.

    Answer: develop the huge tracts of non-London space as viable business environments in the minds of London-blinkered businesses.

    The other question is, what gives train operators a God-given right to be filthy, cramped, careless, extortionate, inefficient and let the owners suck money?

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  • Retiredbanker says:

    uncle tom-

    Behind the scenes the Government is well aware of the coming oil deletion crisis (much sooner than you may think), and it is
    essential to ensure that the railway infrastructure will be in good order.

    Are you not aware that lorry and coach operators enjoy huge hidden subsidies as the road networks are largely funded by the
    taxpayers. Heavy vehicles are the main cause of wear to road surfaces ( a 40 ton truck does as much damage as 9,600 cars),
    and taxes paid by the operators do not even begin to pay for the damage they cause. Also of course there are the pollution

    Why do you think that countries like Belgium, France, Germany, and Switzerland are investing heavily in trains and tramways.

    Railways are one of the most energy efficient forms of transport. Prepare to have to get your b*m out of your car.

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  • planning4acrash says:

    Uncle Tom. I can see how you may think that rail passengers are subsidised over the odds. However, when you drive along roads, all you pay is just over £100/yr road tax and a bit of fuel tax for the upkeep of roads, which cost way more than the rail network, and, oil exploration that feeds the engines, along with the petrol distribution network, which are all highly subsidised, plus, government subsidises big companies to set up and keep car factories here in our country. ‘All’ that tax you pay for driving does not cover the costs, much of the highways work is done by national agencies and local authorities, subsidised by additional taxes, much of your council tax goes onto roads and a significant portion of your national income tax. Plus, what about the added value of rail, which isn’t met with direct payments from customers, freeing up land in cities from parking lots and highways to allow more dense urban areas, raising the value of land in commuter towns, raising the capacity of the city to get employment, thus reducing inflationary pressures, reducing our carbon footprint by 10x, reducing respiritory illnesses in cities and rail lines can cross open countryside without taking much land and biodiversity. Are you aware that a high speed rail link has up to three times the capacity of a three lane motorway in passenger numbers and that a high speed rail link from London to Scotland would cost less than £10bn, which is many, many times less than a motorway covering the same distance, let alone three?!

    Driving is way more subsidised than railways and could never be profitable, except in the case of intercity highways, or bridges that operate as monopoly routes, which can, in some circumstances be privatised and become toll roads. The relative profitability of rail, not roads have been privatised.

    Think vested interests, oil companies and car manufacturers for why policies skew subsidies towards road transport. Remember that the turnpike roads became unprofitable and nationalised long before the same happened to rail. Also, remember that driving costs are going down as public transport costs are going up (end user costs) and note that we have the most used rail system in europe, yes, more use the british rail network than in germany, plus, we now have more passengers than just before the beeching cuts in the 60’s. The rail network is gagging for public investment and the nation will suffer if we skimp in it.

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    What a waste of waste this man is, it is 2007 now, 10 year plan would have been well on its way. How much of our cash does this fat useless blob of bull duff need to get through before someone shouts or complains!!!!!

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  • We’ve been living off the Victorians for a very long time now their legacy of road, railways and drains are falling to pieces and were never intended to last as long as they have. To rebuild this lot is going to cost a fortune, also I can see the sense of rebuilding Londons infrastructure but what’s the point of rebuilding the rest of the country it contributes little to the economy.

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