Saturday, June 2, 2007

starting to perspire a little,

bofe inflation

a fast buck for all means whose gonna be footing the bill?

Posted by sherlock homes @ 09:26 AM (556 views)
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2 thoughts on “starting to perspire a little,

  • Unfortunately for small companies like mine this means the difference between staying in business (just) and going bust. It has nothing to do with ‘making a quick buck’ and everything to do with the inflationary pressure on raw materials, increased corporation tax, increased bureacracy and higher wage pressure on employees due to the ‘stealth’ taxes and cost of living rises we all face. Most people in this country are still employed by businesses that have to make a profit so you can directly equate rising prices to keeping someone in a job and keeping a mortgage funded roof over their heads.

    Businesses do not generally raise prices ‘to make a quick buck’ especially in the area that small businesses occupy, price rises are the tell tale signs of real inflationary pressures and are not considered lightly by businesses in direct competition with their local rivals!

    We are all in this boat together unfortunately the Captain and his First Mate are not sailing it with the best interest of the crew and passengers in mind.

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  • Shelock Homes says:

    i can imagine that as a small business which i have numerous years experience one cant suddenly price themselves out the game but a supermarket can empty a few old time shops away and take control of a market, pay a ridicoulous price to say a farmer, cost him out the game as well as subsequently then raise prices at their discretion on the backs of thirld world imports and make a fast buck, how much did tesco make last financial year because every little bit helps after all, most people would never comprehend how much someone pays before they can work, ….
    unfortunately we arent all in the same boat together and havent been for a long time, the captain and his first mate are sailing away on their nuclear powered jetski and we are left rowing the junk, Happy G8 day too!

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