Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Margaret Hodge and her ‘unfortunate’ comments

Immigrants not to blame for housing crisis - Shelter

In response to Margaret Hodge's comment on the allocation of social housing in the Observer "A message to my fellow immigrants" (20 May 2007), Adam Sampson, chief executive of Shelter, said:

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4 thoughts on “Margaret Hodge and her ‘unfortunate’ comments

  • I believe Adam Sampson hasn’t a clue what he is talking about. Though I believe he would say that to try and calm the masses.

    Come to Bedford and see the number of immirgrants and see them housed in the new social housing.

    It is disgusting that we do not put our own flesh and blood first before these people. We are making our own feel like second class citizens.

    Blair and his policies have shafted our younger generation. This man cannot go soon enough and I hope he rots in hell !!

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  • uncle chris says:

    I would like to know how 1,000,000 plus immigrants over the past five years have not had an impact on housing supply for the indigenous population. I have personal experience of how social housing bias towards immigrants can have a devistating affect on local families. When I lIved in Scotland, friends of mine (married with 2 young children and living in a single room at one of their mothers) had been on the waiting list for 4 years and were just nearing the top of the list when 20+ families of immigrants were dumped on the council by central government and went straight to the top of the list. My friends were subsequently told that they would have another 2 year wait, and I think this dissapointment was a major factor in the subsequent break down of their marriage.

    I applaud Margaret Hodge for her comments because she is right on the money. It’s about time the powers that be started paying a little more attention to the people they are elected to serve, otherwise they take the risk that local families will not remain so placid – as happened in Wrexham a couple of years back when a similar thing happened.

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  • The “immigrants caused the property price boom” argument is a load of tosh. The industry most affected by immigrants is the construction industry. Immigrants have been attracted to work in this country because of the boom in construction, in turn driven by the boom in property prices. As soon as the construction boom is over, these workers will be off to another country, perhaps their original home, in search of more money or a better quality of life.

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  • I agree with Royston, they are here for the money only and as soon as it dries up or is better somewhere else they will be off. Most are young males and will take their money home with them where it goes a lot further than it does over here in one of the most expensive countries in the world to live.

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