Wednesday, April 25, 2007

NIMBYS discovers 'nimbyism' and ignorance during recent survey has revealed that 61.2 per cent of people questioned believe more affordable housing is needed for key workers - just not in their back yard...The latest survey, which looked at public attitudes towards the planning process and new residential developments, found that in principle most people backed the idea of new housing to address supply problems (an estimated shortfall of 50,000 new homes every year). When it came to their own area however, only 39.1% wanted more housing built.

Posted by converted lurker @ 12:32 PM (1576 views)
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5 thoughts on “NIMBYS

  • Shipbuilder says:

    Nothing to do with this article, but would it be too much to ask for less irrelevant news articles and more informed adult discussion on this blog? It seems to have been taken over recently by nutters, wannabe prophets of doom and gold merchants. The only decent discussions now seem to be around MPC decision time – the rest seems to be akin to funeral goers whooping with glee and shouting ‘I told you so’, while the coffins are lowered.

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  • David20040_0 says:

    I agree

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  • agreed, also people who keep posting the same articles from the Metro, standard and Dailymail. wtf? don’t you know they’re the same rag??

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  • sold 2 rent 1 says:


    “It seems to have been taken over recently by nutters, wannabe prophets of doom and gold merchants.”

    I am presuming you are refering to bloggers like me.

    I recognise that as a contrarian you might think I am crazy.
    That’s the nature of being a contrarian.

    Just because my views are extreme it doesn’t make them less valid for debate.
    I try to back up all my arguments with sound reasoning.
    Most of my posts get a good healthy debate.

    As for David20040, many of your posts get no replies as they are just VI spin.

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  • shipbuilder says:

    Not just you, S2R1. Although I think 3 or 4 posts in quick succession about the same thing are a bit much, and the tone a bit over the top. You seem to be wanting to set yourself up as as some sort of revolutionary prophet with the whole k-wave theory, but i don’t think anyone’s actually disagreed with you, so it’s hardly contrarian. From what you’ve posted about k-waves, it seems to simply describe the economic cycle, which we all know of and agree with – most on here agree that a bust after the boom will happen, so there’s nothing really new or different in what you’re saying, other than you’re putting dates on it, which may or may not be right. Fair enough, though.

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