Sunday, April 1, 2007

Everyone line up to put the boot in!

Cameron ups pressure on Brown over pensions

David Cameron has accused Gordon Brown of presiding over the "failure" of Britain's pensions system and of trying to "bury" the revelation that he had acted in defiance of official advice.

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3 thoughts on “Everyone line up to put the boot in!

  • I’m no tory voter – but I hope that they get a Gordo really really annoyed over this.

    What really irritates me is that this comes out during the MPs recess – that means no Question Time to bring this to the public forum and no Daily Politics to keep this one bubbling over.

    I hope the news-media keep this one on board and ramp up the attacks!

    An interesting comment from a ‘have your say’ punter:

    There is an even deeper (darker?) aspect to this.
    The idea of removing the tax benefits was that of Andersons – of Enron fame. Andersons had been banned from UK government work by Margaret Thatcher after their involvement in the De Lorean scandal in Belfast. This was a piece of pro-bono work as they sought to get their snouts bak into the government trough. Of course, then Enron happened. But it does speak volumes about Brown’s ability to judge character.
    Secondly, and even more worrying realy, is that the money was used to soak up excess labour (the unemployed) by providing public-sector jobs. That is, the private sector in Britain was not in a position to provide fairly well-paid jobs. Despite relatively relaxed labour laws and an ample supply of both labour and capital they were not able to bind those two resources together with managerial skill to provide high value-added goods and services. That is British industry is not performing as well as the electorate’s lifetyle expectations require.
    It is worth noting that whilst the Boy David has commented on the return of the married man’s tax allowance there has no such hint that pension tax breaks would be restored.
    The simple truth is that the long-term, post-imperial decline of the UK continues.


    Also – worth a read:

    Times:The great pension swindle

    Best bits:

    The Treasury’s counterattack yesterday carries little conviction. Critics, we are told, are only quoting sections of the papers forced out from the Treasury by The Times under the Freedom of Information Act listing the damaging consequences of the ACT changes. These dangers could not have been put more clearly:

    – Pensions would be cut.

    – An annual £4 billion cut in pension fund income.

    – Fund values would fall by £50 billion.

    – Council tax would rise to pay for local authority pension fund deficits.

    – Schemes would be driven into insolvency.

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  • bidin'matime says:

    It still astounds me that the opposition and / or the press were not able to get their act together at the time to make sure that everyone realised what was going on – the b*st*rds got e-elected twice, for goodness sake, when all they were doing was bribing the electorate with money that should have been put aside for their pensions!

    What also made it worse was that, whilst it hit every one of us in the private sector, the public sector was unaffected by the change, because nothing, but nothing, can detract from their pensions. It really was a truly nasty move.

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  • bidin – totally agree.

    What’s irritating me is the whole BBC ‘See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil’ policy of not remotely covering this story – yet it makes headlines across all major papers this weekend.

    Was hoping to wake up to Andrew Marr having a right olde dig at a Brownite lacky – but nothing – just some guff – as usual!

    Seems Nuliebore have won a reprive getting this out over the hols!!! But not for long I hope!

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