Friday, April 6, 2007

BBC News bias set to rise with appointment of New Chairman

New BBC chief is another Brown crony

Ah well the brainwashing of the dumb masses looks set to continue Gordon Brown uses his position as "Prime Minister-inwaiting" to place his supporters in key posts after Sir Michael Lyons was appointed chairman of the BBC Trust.

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6 thoughts on “BBC News bias set to rise with appointment of New Chairman

  • It is plain and simple! The British public need to make their voice heard and quite simply not vote for Labour. For the all the woes of the Conservatives I will put hand and heart and state that I do not believe that they reached anywhere near the depths of spin that this truly awful Labour party have hit.
    This Labour party have nothing to do with the any of the values of traditional Labour and is little more than a vehicle to propel egos and despots such as the current leader and the considerably more disgusting Brown.
    So we have the MPC populated by Gordon’s cronies including the surreal and quite frankly ludicrous Blanchflower and now we have the Ministry of Truth populated by Brown’s cronies too.

    It has to end!

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  • Sack The Bogeyman says:

    One of Gordon Brown’s brothers already holds a senior position in public relations at the BBC.

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  • Fahrenheit451 says:

    Well said denzil.

    But honestly, do you trust any politician.
    They will say one thing to your face and ten seconds later say the opposite to the next person who has a different opinion.
    Some say that Lawyer are professional liars, well thier clients pay them to speak like that.
    Brown just wants a £100,000 pension, do you really beleive that he cares about us.
    Where do politicians send their children to school – Private of course, not state and they really have no interest in improving schools as it doen’t affect them.
    Where do politicians go for a doctor – Private of course, not national health and they really do not care about the hospitals just that there is a private one near them.
    Where do politicians get a pension – Private of course, any chance that they will take a state pension, not likely.

    The only good thing about politicains is that you can see them, and they are not conspiring behind closed doors to wreck our industry and economy.
    Can we change anything. No. They have an election system rigged against proportional representation and they are frighten what would happen if it changed.

    End of vent.
    Just have a Happy Easter its a good time to spend with the family away from the office.

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  • They say a country gets the government it deserves.
    It is only two years since the country voted Bliar in and now we get GB(H).
    On top of this the BBC is full of propaganda, spin and political correctness and is so so so arrogant.
    I do not know what we did to deserve this but I agree this incompetent lot have to go – unfortunately they will leave with a lot of loot and “honours”
    We are now deluged with spin over Iran, climate change (new stealth taxes) and BBC support for finding excuses for Brown’s destruction of pensions.
    However I am not very happy with Cameron – he like Blair has a tendency to make very bad decisions, and will also push the political correctness agenda.

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  • Think carefully before you vote at the next election – 5 more years of Labour – An Orwellian nightmare – Pure and Simple.

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