Thursday, April 5, 2007

Baby Boomers the UK’s Golden Generation

Baby Boomers Lucky On Pension Saving

Scottish Widows reveal that most over-50s realise that they are the lucky ones, as over half (58%) think it will be difficult for their adult children to build up a pension, and the same amount (60%) recognise the problems their children will have in building up any savings at all after their overinflated mortgage payments and cost of raising children.

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2 thoughts on “Baby Boomers the UK’s Golden Generation

  • This has come about through one thing – differential price inflation. If this is not the responsibility of the Bank of England, then whose responsibility is it? If anyone’s? How and why have down on the job? If nobody’s, then who is going to charge from here?

    Food for thought: when the tories last left office, maybe they left a legacy of sleeze and of boom-bust, but at least we could afford a place to live and there was plenty of funds for our retirement. What happened? The “economic miracle” of our “most successful chancellor”. – Hah!

    New Labour have got to go! I just pray that David Cameron’s tories has actually got some real policies behind their PR machine.

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  • Wannabeemigre says:

    You are right on the price differential. Although I would say that this can be laid firmly at the door of GB-he controls the supposedly “independent” BoE through his 5 nominations-the previous Governor of the BoE has already admitted that they caused this boom through lowering the the ROI, do you think that they did this off their own bat or do you think there were some discreet phone calls from Uncle Gordon? The Banks lack of movement on interest rates is not that suprising against the backdrop of current economic events-market instability,american slowdown etc and Uncle Gordon’s move next door (he certainly doesnt want anything rocking the boat at the moment) I think a lot of their decisions are made with extreme prejudice to steal a phrase. All I can surmise is that eventually this bubble will burst and the longer it takes to get there the bigger will be the bust-and Uncle Gordon wont be Chancellor, so it shan’t be his blame. Its a shame really, this country has gone from the worlds workshop to being the worlds workhouse in less than 100 years, all we can produce nowdays, and we produce a lot of them, are lazy, illiterate and innumerate yobs who demand respect-strangely no other country wants them, so we have to import in the people to do their jobs while paying the aforementioned yobs a living to stop them starving-bring back Maggie is what I say:-)

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