Monday, March 19, 2007

Chap from Fiat Empire on the Housing Bubble

Don't Blame the Market for Housing Bubble

The U.S. housing market, long considered vulnerable by many economists, is now on the verge of suffering a serious collapse in many regions. Commodities guru and hedge fund manager Jim Rogers warns that real estate in expensive bubble areas will drop 40 or 50%. Mainstream media outlets like the New York Times are reporting breathlessly about the possibility of widespread defaults on subprime mortgages.

You tell 'em Ron

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2 thoughts on “Chap from Fiat Empire on the Housing Bubble

  • japanese uncle says:

    Again the points Ron Paul approproately makes, directly apply to the UK housing bubble. Just read the BoE instead of the Fed. And these points happened to have been made by me. Those in control of central banks, major media and governments can create and prick economic bubbles at their will, to make trillions in the process. Unless you are educated/imformed enough, you are treated like a sucker, and exploited and wasted to the last. Yet even worse is the manupulation/manufacturing of hostilities between nations, peoples and religions, etc, to create hitherto wars between nation states, as well as wars on terror in the 21th century. Again they ruthlessly make trillions in the process, weapons consumption, rebuilding, and explicit snatching of oil interests (or cash in billions as witnessed in Bagdag in 2003) This sorry business has been their family business for centuries, and they are determined to ‘live on’ the hositilities between Muslims and non-Muslims for the time being.

    From now you may wish to look at Merding King’s behavior as a professional actor’s performance. He must act like a guardian of the monetary health of a nation on the face of it. In reality he is thinking about how blamelessly perform the pricking of this unprecedented economic bubble in the economic history of Britain. As I have maintained time and again, he could have doused the clearly overheated economy and housing market circa 2000, and so could the media.

    We have been mercilessly criticizing Sayara Beg here, deservedly to a degree, perhaps. But we must not overlook the real culprit who design, and execute plans to drive these ignorant herd of millions at their will.

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  • JU – spot on. I believe that if you aren’t in the know, then trying to guess market movements etc., time IR rises, or hope to really profit is mere luck and not judgment. This is all another shell game of trying to ultimately transfer more wealth from you and I into the hands of the ‘elite’. And worse, to become complete economic slaves from cradle to grave – as is witnessed by 50+ yr mortgages and the relentless attack on the retirees telling them to cash in the house equity and spend on the fast life that you can now afford! And all of this is built on credit which when the lenders have to tighten due to the loses they will soon experience: then the brown will really hit the fan.

    The ‘sheeple’ are being fattened up for the Harvest which is already happening in the US as we speak.

    Timing this to happen though…..?

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