Wednesday, January 3, 2007

First time buyer plan from the ‘Landed Gentry’

They have a dream, Tories hope to help first time buyers and bring down the barriers to home ownership

Was it just the Firstrung team that were slow to spot the obvious similarities between David Cameron and Martin Luther King in their life long persuit for social justice and civil rights...? What follows is a party political broadcast from the Conservative party

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4 thoughts on “First time buyer plan from the ‘Landed Gentry’

  • There is already such a system in place in many urban areas. Its called leashold.

    This scheme is a plan to remove land ownership rights from FTBs and put it in the hands of the government.

    Give it up Mr Cameron – we’re not fooled.

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  • Another DAFT irrelievant and stupid idea from Little Lord Cameron. So many problems could be easily eliminated by just introducing the following:

    – Make Gasumping illegal or if the buyer wants to accept the higher offer then they muct pay the unfortunate buyer 1% of the new offer value plus all costs imposed on the buyer.
    – The deposit should be put into a trust account so that if the buyer pulls out at the last minute without good reason then they loose that money.
    – Why oh why can’t so much of the legal grunt paperwork such as property searches be done offshore in India thus having the multiple benefits of speeding up the process making it cheaper and best of all causing many overpaid underworked and overated solicitors to loose there jobs…

    These are simple and easy but oh no lets go on to another all wind and hot air suggestion from this out of touch New Labour clones.

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  • Yes, Martin Luther King suggested it to help balance out the inequality from decades, nay centuries of slavery and it’s after effects. What does it say of our society that we need to today?

    Cameron is a cousin of the queen, what the hell does he knows about society!

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  • Sorry everyone, I could’nt hold out anymore . . . lived in the south-west and worked in the south-east last ten years . . . it’s the travelling you see . . . so I bought . . . at a cost of 160 . . . an inflatable mattress . . . I now live in the site office!!!!

    Inflatable mattresses are the answer to the problems all rough sleepers like myself have and will be issued to all potential FTB’s under the age of 92 by the forthcoming Conservative Government.

    Having lived in derelict buildings, vans, cars, bunk-a-bins (very small portacabin with shower/toilet/bed) and until very recently outside on concrete slabs the purchase of an inflatable mattress has bought a new level of luxury . . and if I may say . . a degree of sophistication to my life (it’s got an integral electric pump!).

    To all FTB’s, STR’s, DAO’s (down and out’s), I highly recommend an inflatable mattress. Mine’s posh, but they can be purchased for as little as £20. Just imagine you’re lazing in your new swimming pool, I did until I woke up and realised it was a pool of sweat!!! NICE!!!!

    For those of you without an office etc in which to house you new inflatable wonder, pop down to Millets and buy a tent.

    Coming soon – Quick connect foam filled lightweight bathrooms and bouncy kitchens

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