Friday, Dec 08, 2006

Too few new houses? Pre-Budget Report: Five Key Changes

The article generally is about elements of the pre-budget report, but the first of these is about housing. The maths in summary is:

240,000 new homes needed each year to address the existing backlog and meet future need
184,000 dwellings are being created every year
23,000 extra dwellings per year could be created at identified "New Growth Points" and on Government land.

This still leaves an undersupply of 33,000 homes per year...

Undersupply preventing HPC? Opinions...?

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1. uncle chris said...

I don't hold with the view that we need so many houses (not unless the government are planning to import millions more east-europeans as cheap-labour to keep the economy from crashing), due to the fact that there are so many empty new flats in city centres. At some point the developers will have to admit that they won't sell at their vastly inflated prices and they will have to come down in price or go bust. As an example, there is a new development of flats in an old warehouse near where I work in Liverpool. Although the development finished a couple of months back, I'm told by an electrician who recently worked there that there are still over 130 flats still available.

In any case, where is all the gas, water and infrastructure coming from to support these proposed developments - there seems to be a near constant hosepipe ban as it stands.

Friday, December 8, 2006 03:29PM Report Comment

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