Saturday, Dec 30, 2006

National debt is three times higher than Government claims

Daily Maul (sorry, Mail): National debt is three times higher than Government claims

A little out of date but we seemed to have missed this one from a month ago. It was also reported yesterday by enuii as a reference in the "Trumpet" artlcle.

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1. iguana said...

I notice from the comments attached to the article that a black hole in the economy is mentioned, but ascribed to presumed overspending. A little research into the matter reveals that it is the much vaunted 'private' industry that is at fault by agressive and persistent tax avoidance and evasion, hence the spending planned and based upon expected revenue becomes overspending, whilst big multinationals enjoy hidden often ofshore profits free of tax. This extends even to that happy band of PFI entrepreneurs, you only need to look as far as 'Mapeley' who 'accepted' the land and property formerly owned by the Property Services arm of HMG and undertook to maintain and manage it on a 'business footing' in return for a market rent from the HMG tenants, and then promptly shifted their operation 'offshore'.

Saturday, December 30, 2006 08:17PM Report Comment

2. Superruss said...

Thats what happens though, when you tax the sh!t out of people. There is a maximum you can extract from a population and I personally think we are there.

Sunday, December 31, 2006 10:01AM Report Comment

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