Tuesday, Dec 05, 2006

Is too much land protected from development?

The Guardian: Planning review argues 'nimby' laws hold back UK economy

The British economy is being stifled by antiquated planning laws and "nimby" attitudes that hinder the construction of offices, shops and roads, a government report will say today.

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1. Dude said...

Good for Kate Barker. The sooner we can get rid of this NIMBY-ism the better. The CPRE's attitude is one of 'protect the countryside, now that I live there; I don't want anyone else spoiling my views'. So we can't build any more houses to accommodate the growing demand, because a bunch of vested interests don't want their views being disturbed.

As an aside, if they could also pass a law to make all new builds freehold, that would be better still (what a ripoff ground rent is).

It can only be a matter of time before the number of voters who aren't owner occupiers exceeds those who are. Then the planning laws will be quickly changed.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006 06:37PM Report Comment

2. uncle chris said...

I don't own a home, but fully support protection of the Green Belt. You just need to fly over somewhere like California or Atlanta to realise the nightmare scenario of unregulated building swallowing up any vestige of countryside that once remained. So do we just keep building and encourage the population to keep increasing ... until when , until people start falling off the cliffs. At some point you have to draw a line both in terms of concreting over the countryside and the maximum population this country can accommodate whilst still having enough land to be self-sustainable in food. In my view this line has been passed in both regards. And anyway, there are already enough brown-field sites to build on ... you-know the ones that have decaying factories on that once made things - when we were a nation of producers, not consumers.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006 11:30PM Report Comment

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