Tuesday, Nov 21, 2006

Sink estates have stopped sinking - Joseph Rowntree foundation

Firstrung: Council estates, twenty five years on sees huge turnaround for twenty most unpopular estates

Twenty-five years ago, they were unpopular council estates, suffering from poor management, dilapidated environments, bad reputations and high proportions of empty homes. Today, after spending on homes and environments, more intensive neighbourhood management and long-standing community involvement, most of them appear to be turning the tide. This is according to a major report covering 25 years on 20 estates in London, the Midlands, the North East and North West, by the London School of Economics for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

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1. denzil said...

I found this report astounding. By the look of it the South-West is not included in the 20 estates and it's small wonder. As a child growing up on a particularly bad "sink estate" and can without question state that society has completely broken down now in comparison to when I was a kid. My particular estate is now rife with feral animals wandering the streets with scant regard to anybody or anything. Drugs are commonplace (aren't they everywhere) and unemployment is high due in the main to the fact that the fathers on the estate worked on the nearby industrial estate(we now employ less people in manufacturing than at any time since 1850's). My mother is a home help and that often involves helping to settle people for the night. On many occasions she has been verbally abused and her car stoned in persuit of her employment.
I welcome the Rowntree report, I just feel that successful councils herd the "bad ones" all onto one estate and perhaps these were not the estates the Rowntree report gathered it data from.

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