Monday, Oct 23, 2006

Flavour of the month .........

The Telegraph online: Toxic loans that threaten us all

Remember those big tubs of Neapolitan ice cream - the ones with the three fat slices of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours? Well, believe it or not, those tubs can tell us a great deal about the housing market.........Once again an interesting article from Mr. Conway.
Let's just hope the whole damn ice cream doesn't just 'melt down' ......!!!!!!!

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1. bidin'matime said...

I nearly posted this one, then didn't get round to it - if you see the newspaper, his column is often a tiny sliver of common sense, tucked just inside the property section, which itself is packed with articles and adverts extolling the virtues of home ownership. Just waiting to see how long he keeps his job..!

Monday, October 23, 2006 07:40PM Report Comment

2. denzil said...

I like Conway. I don't always agree with him but at least he dares to differ in opinion from the majority of journos who gaily follow each others lead like sheep.
As bidin says above it will be interesting to see how many years Conway is allowed swim against the tide.

Monday, October 23, 2006 09:57PM Report Comment

3. talking rot said...

Wearing bell-bottomed trousers is fashionable and journalists extoll the virtues of the bell-bottom trouser. Then some one wears trousers with a narrowing trouser leg. Will the individual be roundly condemned or will the individual be seen as the bleeding edge of a new fashion. Some one, some where, has to make the evolutionary leap from the old fashion to the new fashion.

Supporting the property market appears to have been fashionable. But to sell newspapers, it is necessary to make up news that follows the latest fashion. Perhaps Mr Conway will be seen as the bleeding edge of the new fashion. Remember the days of the early 1990s when it was fashionable for journalists to shout "Houses are for nesting, not investing."

Tuesday, October 24, 2006 11:12AM Report Comment

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