Thursday, Oct 26, 2006

EU Gives Spain Two Months To Change Land Grab Laws

Place In The Sun: European Union Gives Spain Two Month Ultimatum Over Land Grab Laws

Spain's faltering housing market isn't being helped by the adverse publicity surrounding its land grab laws. Now the EU has given Spain its second and final warning before taking the country to the European Court over its land grab laws that have brought misery to thousands of property buyers, particularly in the Valencia region of Spain which includes the Costa Blanca. Buyers beware!

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1. indiablue19 said...

I'm glad for Spanish property owners something is being done about fraud and crime. This does come late for those who have already lost a home to bulldozers -- quite frightening what can happen in Spain although you think you have a deed to a home and certain rights to a peaceful life. We had a place there for a two years but sold up because of the strange things happening around us. There's a certain Wild West aspect to it, even apart from these obvious land-grab incidents. Our town was a relatively quiet looking upscale international yachting marina with some very expensive homes and a predominance of educated residents from several EU countries. So we were shocked at the number of daylight robberies at knife point on the beach; that anything we left in the garden [no matter how heavy or secure] soon disappeared; when a local British woman returning from golf was knocked out by a man ransacking her home, and that our next door neighbor's floor safe was pried out with a tire iron and carted away whilst she was at the grocery with her young children.

There were news stories as we were leaving of people in Murcia being knocked out with an ether spray taken from hospital supplies and their homes stripped to the walls. Although it probably isn't regular news here, we saw enough to think life too unsafe and I wouldn't recommend Spanish property investment for the average private resident until things are more under control. The Guardia Civil, although very formidable looking was normally hunting more interesting quarry: big time drug traffickers from North Africa who abandoned catamarans on the beach at night and took their goods to the cities. Not the lifestyle nor environment we had expected at all. The only bright spot was a 100% profit on the property, but I'm not sure that possibility exists anymore.

Thursday, October 26, 2006 11:52PM Report Comment

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