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And I wanna be a country gal again......

Save our village: Telegraph

As protests grow at the Government's plans to build thousands of homes in the South-East, Sarah Lonsdale visits Bapchild, in Kent, where residents fear for the future of the English country life. The small Kentish village of Bapchild has, on paper, everything it needs to be the perfect community: a beautiful medieval church, a thriving primary school, a pub, a strong parish council and an idyllically situated cricket club surrounded by orchards and meadows.

How quaint ! Lets get back to reality. Yes - it's a shame that these beautiful villages have to be filled with Barratt boxes, but WE HAVE A HOUSING SHORTAGE !!!!! Every single city in the UK started out as a small village at sometime.

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1. The Baldman said...

The housing shortage is a myth perpetuated by house buliders whose only aim is to bulild over every square foot of the Uk. There are ample brown field sites. The current boom has been generated by excess creidit not supply. The VI's always talk up the housing crisis.

Sunday, October 8, 2006 11:41AM Report Comment

2. Housepricelottery said...

Simple question, where do these people expect those unhoused 600 families to live instead? Answer that will you please?

Sunday, October 8, 2006 01:40PM Report Comment

3. Mjchum said...

Have any of you actually seen a new housing development under construction. I have, since I work in the land business. Let there be little doubt that many of the houses going up today, will be coming down (quite literally) tomorrow, under the law of gravity. Construction quality has reached an all time low! Foundations no longer seen to contain any steal or even have vibrating pokers applied to the concrete, which is topped up both horisontally and vertically creating planes of shear. DO NOT BUY NEW HOUSES! Best off with pre-war (that's World War II by the way).

Sunday, October 8, 2006 07:04PM Report Comment

4. Mikexx said...

Despite all the new building there's still demand for more houses. It's not just a credit bubble. Builders merely respond to demand, people like you and me create it. Lack of affordable housing is a disaster - we need more houses - and I'm not in the building trade.

Sunday, October 8, 2006 07:21PM Report Comment

5. bidin'matime said...

In some of the thousands of properties already standing empty - people are just too lazy to take them on and do them up...

The process is driven by an unsavoury alliance between the socialists - "'why should these people enjoy rural conditions when other people can't?" - and the capitalists - "Oh look, lots of land in a prime position to make meg-bucks out of". The ordinary people, whether they are the existing or the new occupants, simply don't come into it.

As Baldman says, the shortage is a myth - of the 600 families who could afford these houses, how many are currently homeless? None, I would think. Are there 600 homeless families anywhere? I dont find myself tripping over them as I walk down the street. Ah, I hear someone say, they live in hostels for the homeless. So theyre not homeless after all then? Okay, so they dont enjoy the same living standards as someone who lives in a nicer place, but then that could be said of all of us.

Not that some new homes shouldnt be built and theyve got to go somewhere, but to double the housing stock of a small village seems nothing short of vandalism. There is no shortage of open country to establish new villages (and it can be done), but councils can't be bothered to provide the infrastructure its cheaper and easier to double the houses and empty the bins every fortnight than to have a whole new community to attend to.

Just wait for the downturn in the economy and we'll see just how many more houses stand empty the economic miracle is responsible for much of the demand, persuading people that they can afford to leave home, leave their husband or whatever, to live independently. In much (most?) of the world you will find several generations living under one roof not because they choose to do so, but because they can't afford otherwise take away the feeling of wealth that we see in the UK today and the demand for housing will recede as fast as it has grown.

Not to mention the BTLs just wait until they stop buying! At present they account for a huge share of the demand, leaving places empty for months while they titivate them and advertise for tenants once they stop buying, the housing available for immediate occupation will increase overnight.

Sunday, October 8, 2006 09:01PM Report Comment

6. Hyrax said...

Until recently I was a Swale resident of five years, and a keen user of the local countryside around Bapchild, its quite simple.
Hands off!!! Swale council has yet to finish or force the completion of the local new housing developments that it has already botched.
Where are the new schools, shops and doctors surgeries that those "finished" developments are still waiting for!!!!
This is really head-less chicken fodder territory.. we need regional and local plans that work and seen to work before any new changes,
and dont be fooled by the projected housing and motorway needs of local science parks, that struggle to fill their current acreage with high tech jobs.
Its all smoke and mirrors.

Monday, October 9, 2006 02:25AM Report Comment

7. tyrellcorporation said...

BTLs are still surging in Exeter. I'm witnessing houses which have been on the market for ages suddenly having 'SOLD STC' signs, and more significantly 'To Let' signs erected instead.

I've spotted three near me in the last week. The AmLan classes are adding to their portfolios like crazy...Self fulfilling prophecy?!?

Monday, October 9, 2006 09:03AM Report Comment

8. waitingfor hpc said...

i live in kent too- hands of you git prezza. Too many new homes. only thing is when the bubble pops they will be very cheap housing indeed.

Monday, October 9, 2006 09:32AM Report Comment

9. monty said...

Arrgghhh. Yet more freaking nimbys. "Save our village" I read as "we're all right Jack, so s*d off." I've seen it all before - in my village. These are the same people who whinge that their children can't afford to buy locally [shrill voice] "because of all the new people", yet are themselves MEWed up to the chops. Not that I'm a fan of Prezza or The Party, but it's to cope with this lot that the legislation was brought in. We just cannot have it every which way - both cheap housing and cute villages. Yes, I know, the boom is the result of cheap money but there is also increased demand. This forum is evidence of that. How many people here don't ever want to buy a house?

The only answer is to stop breeding, stop divorcing (or splitting up) and stop living longer. Are there any volunteers here? Who's going to step up first?

Monday, October 9, 2006 10:04AM Report Comment

10. Guest said...

There is no housing shortage. There are vast swathes of empty properties in virtually every town that over zealous wannabe landlords bought up in the deluded belief that they would be able to rent them out for the stupid amounts of money they were asking! Soon they will be forced to cut their losses and sell up, flooding the market and triggering the apocalyptic collapse that's been coming for so long now. In fact, there's already evidence of landlords beginning to sell up in certain parts of the country.

As for building on greenbelt land, quite frankly I'm disgusted at the thought of our beautiful landscape being lost forever under a mountain of concrete and ever more overpriced shoeboxes whilst there are numerous areas of decay in suburban towns, derelict buildings, sites, eyesores etc not to mention anything built in the 60s-70s that desperately needs to go. Once we're rid of these blights to our country and our lives then lets move on to ex-council housing. It must all go for the sanity of society.

Monday, October 9, 2006 11:44AM Report Comment

11. Thesqueeze said...

How about a law stating that all new housing cannot be bought up by BTL shisters?

Monday, October 9, 2006 12:27PM Report Comment

12. The Haunted said...

What housing shortage? Surely what they mean is a shortage of affordable or realistically priced housing, and that is not the same thing at all.

Monday, October 9, 2006 12:57PM Report Comment

13. Chillilizard said...

I find it hard to believe that the demand for housing is all smoke and mirrors. Since 2002 1.5 million polish people have entered the country. (many of them driving wage costs down for local employers) They, as well as I, now pay very high rent for single rooms in houses that previously was occupied by a single family. The demand for housing is very strong. The conditions of living in london are getting steadily worse.

The problem, as I see it, is transportation. This village is on a new transportation line. This will drive land values up for these areas, and they will eventually be developed. Its inevitable. However, we shouldn't feel too sorry for these people. When they sell up, they will make a very tidy profit. Better for this area to be developed than to build even more transportation lines through the beautiful english countryside.

Think about the cost to the economy of all the people who have to travel for an extra 10 minutes every working day each way if this area is not developed. Weight that against the benefits of 600 people who simply want to live where they have always lived. Change is also inevitable.

Monday, October 9, 2006 02:13PM Report Comment

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