Thursday, October 26, 2006

6% UK IR mentioned again

Hamish McRae: If the US needs rates at 5.25% to check its housing market, what will it take in Britain?

People are more likely to borrow money if they think they will be paying back the loan in devalued currency A pause or a turning point? The Federal Reserve board duly decided last night to keep US interest rates at 5.25 per cent. The interesting issue, however, is whether this level will prove the peak of this interest rate cycle or will turn out to be a pause on the way to still higher rates.

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4 thoughts on “6% UK IR mentioned again

  • I think 5.25% will be the peak of the cycle here. 6% is too high as it would probably provoke a house price crash which the BoE would be very embarassed about.

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  • japanese uncle says:

    What we are witnessing is a con of the grandest scale, all intended to ‘optimize’ the profit of the banks and financial insititutions ultimately owned by just a few extremely wealthy families, connected to, or in control of central banks (yes, including the Bank of Japan through the family connection of its sucessive governors), by staging assets bubble and its eventual collapse into which trillions of hard-earned money of the common men will be mercilessly sucked, where manipulation of information through major media also under their control plays the most crucial role.

    Hard core of their maneuvre is staging ‘clash of civilizations’ by conducting ‘false flag terrorist operations’ such as 911 and 7/7 which incidentally took place the day after London was voted to be the venue for 2012 Olympics; how marvelously benevolent and considerate of them not to do the atrocity the day before, to blow this great opportunity for the UK economy. Also remember both events ‘happened to have taken place’ on the very day when anti-terrorists excercise was being conducted.

    And what about the man who executed poor Nick Berg wearing gold ring on his finger which is strictly banned in Inslam. What about the Arab-disguised British special forces soldiers arrested in a car packed with plastic explosive by Iraqi police, and the panick that followed, even deploying tanks to bust the prison walls to free those apparent false-flag terroritst. British media kept silence, but the world will never forget nor forgive.

    Ignorant and ill-informed millions are driven like a herd of lamb to the slaugher, to the death of their civil liberty, to make ‘their’ job easy. After everything is over, they would certainly say “how silly we were”, quite like they said, “why did we do such a silly war like Vietnam with benefit to none” Yes it was of benefit to none, but those war mongers and financiers, making trillions.

    I can tolerate greed as economic stimuli to a degree, but certainly not to this excess.

    Thankfully, a reputable American professor of theology is blowing whistle loud enough to draw attention of the most stubborn and naive.

    Just have a look.

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  • Ah, I see it’s conspiracy o’clock already… doesn’t time fly.

    I’m not saying you’re wrong because I just don’t know, but there are a lot of assertions in there that don’t seem that relevant to the topic of house prices.

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  • Yes I’m going to listen to professor x’s nutty views. Japanese uncle I am sorry but I never listen to mad conspiracy theorists. I also don’t blindly believe what I read in the news. I make my own mind up. Please just don’t be so blinkered and narrow minded as to believe this black and white view you have that the london bombing was some kind of goverment conspiracy.

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