Thursday, Sep 21, 2006

Vince Cable speaks...

BBC News: Cable turns fire on 'lucky' Brown

Vince Cable...former Royal Dutch Shell Chief Economist...."This borrowing binge assumes that interest rates won't rise - but they are; that unemployment won't rise - but it is; and that house prices won't fall - well, they very well might."

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1. japanese uncle said...

Vince Cabal, the Trojan Horse implanted in the LibDem!!

Why of all men, the heck this ex-chief economist of Shell International and RIIA aka Chatam House, established at the instigation of the House of XXXXXXXXXX and has been serving as the HQ for running the empire since the days of Cecil Rhodes, needs to be MP in the LibDem of all parties, for God's sake! I can almost hear the following conversation;
"Vince, we have successfilly subjugated Labour as well as Tories to serve our purposes. Now your mission is to infiltrate the LibDem, so that it will stay in its place. If someone in the party should be dangerously popular and influential, discredit them by whatever means available." "As you wish, governor.sir."

Now I get to the point. I have no doubt this guy has no sumpathy for those poor stupid lamb to the slaughter as he is the creature of darkness, prepared to do anything to shift the wealth of people to those sinister financial tycoons. His real message must be "Well done Gordon! Just stay on course as designed."

Thursday, September 21, 2006 08:32PM Report Comment

2. indiablue19 said...

JU...taking your point onward. Cable has so far convinced them apparently to drop most of their populist policies in favour of "green" proposals that according the the true "Greens" are mere lip service, and all of which Lib Dem traditionalists are evaluating as the constructive death of the ticket. Every Party has its Bilderberger implant(s) I suppose. Hard to disguise this one, who comes straight from Shell. Hard to say whether this means New Labour has failed as the Party of choice for the world control lobby and they've chosen a new one, or whether this is a means to disembowel the Lib Dems whilst appearing in their corner

Saturday, September 23, 2006 02:11PM Report Comment

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