Monday, Sep 11, 2006

Oil going down - Inflation Over?

New York Times: AT OPEC, some worry as oil prices start falling

Oil is noe falling - FAST - prices at petrol stations have dropped 10p in circa 2 weeks ? Is inflation dead and the BOE right?

Posted by waitingfor hpc @ 08:43 AM (583 views)
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1. miniftse said...

The price swings wildly, if you want to raise a house deposit (not that $2M Waiting ofr HPC needs one) have a spreadbet on oil and you could raise\lose the cash in a couple of weeks.

We need a oil price closer to $30 a barrel to remove inflation fears, this ain't happening, it's been up at plus 70 for the last three years and aint going anywhere but up. It's limited supply, we've reach peak oil the only long term trend is up. We are protected to some degree by the governments tax on oil (circa 70%), but americans will feel it hit them hard.

Monday, September 11, 2006 11:55AM Report Comment

2. waitingfor hpc said...

I am waiting for one as I think the country needs some reality back in it. Not for me but for UK Plc. How long can we survive on tick?
Also a lot of people are going to be working hard for their lives to pay these high house prices and that is only good for the banks.
With petrol so much lower I do feel people will get the impression that inflation is going away.

Monday, September 11, 2006 12:22PM Report Comment

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