Sunday, Sep 10, 2006

Look what the miracle economy brings

Independent: UK children the unhappiest in Europe, says study

Britain's 12 million children and teenagers are the unhappiest and unhealthiest of any wealthy European country, a major new study has revealed.

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1. indiablue19 said...

I think this could be said, not just for children in the UK, but for the population in general. Having been many places, I've never seen such unhappy people anywhere. So anxious to say the next hurtful thing to someone else -- rampant clinical depression. In some measure this can be the affect of so much binge drinking. Alcoholics are notoriously crabby between bouts with the bottle. And the children of the alcohol dependent entirely miss out on childhood. But there must be more to it than that. My immediate instinct is to try to grab up the people here and hug them, to take them on a picnic and show them how to have some healthy fun. They seem so completely unloved and forlorn. Lack of family. Lack of appreciation from their government. Lack of a future. I wonder, is it lack of an identity now that the Empire is gone? And I am not facetious in this. There literally seems to be a missing idea of purpose. I remember hearing that the idea of "cute and antique" Britain -- two decker buses and red pillar boxes -- was being erradicated in favour of modernization. What has taken their place in the British psyche?

The UK concept of life seems such a mish-mash of random and unrelated thoughts and a religion of sport and wild times. What are people here personally proud of? Where do they feel that they shine? What are their hopes and dreams? One telling factor to me is that, in such a anti-religious nation, the song "Jerusalem" is sung for any and all occasions, including cricket matches, WI meetings and the Proms. And yet the words must be relatively meaningless to those singing. William Blake, the author, spoke liberally with angels. And, on that basis, I'm sure he thought that Jerusalem could be constructed here and replace oppression; especially as this was the one European nation where Jesus was supposed to have actually walked on a lumber-buying trip with Joseph of Arimathea. It may be a myth, it may not, but it was obviously an awe-inspiring thought at one time and hasn't entirely been forgotten.

Poor children. For children, I'd start with building heroes. Real heroes, not just high-visibility people who are rich, spoiled, heedless and bossy. But rather hardworking people (e.g.) teachers, firemen, doctors, nurses, or absolutely any living example of a person who does a good job and cares what happens to other people. Get rid of those stupid tabloids. These are the real heroes.

Monday, September 11, 2006 12:28AM Report Comment

2. tyrellcorporation said...

In the UK children are taught to be ashamed of their past. At every turn teachers are told to teach a lefty revisionist interpretation of history which ignores the brilliant ahievements of the UK. There is a dogmatic obsession with the 'negatives' to try and create a new generation of self-loathing liberals who need to feel constantly guilty.

...oh and kids are probably fed up with adults heaping pressure on them at every turn to be funky and sassy rather than just kids.

Anyway, back to HPC - I've been away for a few days and just had to get back on here asap; I think I'm addicted to moaning now! ;)

Monday, September 11, 2006 08:56AM Report Comment

3. Me said...

Its a simple fulfilling of labours welfare imlpementation - the more kids you have, the more benefits & housing you get.

This will of course lead to a disproportate amount of children living with dead-beat parents.

Monday, September 11, 2006 09:09AM Report Comment

4. Retired Banker said...


Quite right, added to which the increasing convergence of the two main political parties, and the "first
past the post" voting system leads to an elected dictatorship in which the average citizen feels
disempowered and alienated.

Politicians are seen as self serving, incompetent, and quite incapable of getting to grips with the very
real problems facing this country.

Also this country is now unacceptably crowded, and this is leading to the "rats in a bucket" syndrome.
Projected population levels of 70 million in the not too distant future do not make for a happy scenario
in a world facing imminent shortages of food and other essential resources.

What a reward for the poor old Brits. who made great sacrifices in two World Wars.
I have lost track of the number of the older generation ( including my parents ), who have said that they
never have supported the war effort if they had known what this country was coming to.

No wonder the number of people now wishing to emigrate is so high.

Monday, September 11, 2006 10:39AM Report Comment

5. M&m said...

Want Negatives? Come to this site. Its a joke. :)

Monday, September 11, 2006 03:00PM Report Comment

6. uncle chris said...

More of a reality check M&M, rather than always focusing on negatives. UK plc seems to have caught the new labour strategy that if they say anything enough (whether or not they are downright lies) then the masses will believe them. Sadly, they are believing their own lies which is why this country is a worse state than you might imagine. Anyway, here's your stage M&M, so tell us all the positives then?

Monday, September 11, 2006 07:08PM Report Comment

7. Blueschick said...

The reason why young people within the UK are so unhappy may be due to the immense pressure which is placed upon them. Pressure to be high achievers, to be 'in with the in-crowd', to grow up too fast too soon, pressure from the 'money-machine' media, pressure from teachers and parents alike. Conversely, there is an overwhelming attitiude amongst young people of 'no hope, no future' due to their socio-economic position as the gap between rich and poor grows ever bigger - take these particular young people's PS2 systems away and they may as well be in a third world country!

With so many parents stressed with working conditions and maintaining ever increasing bills, higher taxes, higher inflation and unaffordable 'family' accommodation, children no longer have the upbringing many of you may have enjoyed. One where parents actually have time to nurture their children appropriately.

Monday, September 11, 2006 11:03PM Report Comment

8. inbreda said...

"In the UK children are taught to be ashamed of their past."

Any evidence for this? Or did you just grow up in a different UK? Or did you just have particularly miserable parents?

Monday, September 11, 2006 11:08PM Report Comment

9. Fair_deal said...

I think children in this country get lots of toys and other material goods. But tha tis not enough. What children need more is attention. Attention from parents, from grand parents, friends and other relatives. If we look back in our happy memories what will we want to hold on to. Not how many toys or gadgets we received but the happy,relaxing moments we spent with our families and friends seem to be a bigger wealth. Thw work pressure in this country is very high. it is not like France for example where you only have to work 35 hours a week. In the UK people are working even in their lunch breaks. Sitting in front of their screen and chewing on stale sandwiches. For many of the parents who live in high work pressure environmetns and doing demanding jobs children seem ot be a pain. By saying this I am not blaming the parents. It is the situation they are in. How many of us find it easy to convey the line manager that they want some time off because the baby was crying last night. Esecially if it happens for 3-4 nights in a row.
In countries like Norway it is perfectly OK (or a general custom) to interrupt a conference call because the baby is crying. But in the UK it is always that the business comes first. The children are secondary. Somehow we constantly have to remind ourselves that even if we give less toys and less comforts to our children it is still ok. We don't have to give them the best of everything. We need to give them more attention and care. Even if we don't send them to the best private schools it is still OK. Even if we don't buy them the latest playstations it is still fine. We should show them the examples of the children who have aleady got it ? Are they happy ? Do they not have any problems ?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006 09:22AM Report Comment

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