Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Will the sun shine for Curry’s?

Currys to stock solar panels

Electrical retailer Currys is about to add a new item to its usual array of washing machines and other white goods - solar panels. Customers who want to keep up with Tory leader David Cameron, who plans to install a wind turbine on his roof, can pick up solar panels at three London branches of the high street store, in Fulham, Croydon and West Thurrock.

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5 thoughts on “Will the sun shine for Curry’s?

  • PV solar panels and domestic wind turbines are, I’m afraid, just a gimmick for those rich enough to afford them, and who want to appear to be concerned about the environment. They require such large quantities of energy during the manufacturing process, that they are highly unlikely to ever recoup this energy during their operational lifetimes. With a cost of £3000 for David Cameron’s wind turbine system, the majority of this cost is tied up in the (fossil fuel) energy required to manufacture it. The manufacture claims it will produce about 16,500 kW hours during its 25 year lifespan, so with electricity costing around 10p/kWHr, and gas energy costing even less, I can’t see how these systems can ever pay for themselves financially or environmentally.

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  • I can’t understand why people are pushing Solar Panels, a lot of the new panels are made up of Galium Arsenide compounds which contains Arsenic, a very poisonous substance. The solar panels I presume will store their energy in batteries. Won’t the disposal of both these items after a few years of use cause emission problems when scrapping them ?

    Very eco friendly ……. A expert in this field may be able to add more to this.

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  • George Monsoon says:

    Nuclear power is the only realistic solution to our energy needs. (sorry but thats the stark reality)

    Now what about that HPC we were all talking about ..?

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  • While at the recycling bins abou t2 days ago some muppet pulled up in a 4 litre SUV and left the engine running for ten minutes while pushing empty bottles through their respective holes. I didn’t have the heart to point ou to him how utterly useless he was as a human being.

    But at least attitudes are changing. What SteveO and rickyb are saying is fair comment, but amounts to nothing more than a few bumps along the way to a realistic solution. If everyone got a bit more motivated (including learning things like steveo and rickyb are saying) it will push the government to do something practical in their desperate battle for votes.

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  • SteveO

    Gallium Arsenide panels are the only solar panels that work well where the sun’s intensity is low.

    Arsenic occurs naturally in the environment in a variety of forms, and toxicity is only a problem if you ingest unusually large quantities.

    While Arsenic is quite easy to find, Gallium may be more of a problem, as it appears to very scarce – if demand for panels increases, it’s price will soar.

    Solar electric panels are only practical where small amounts of power are needed in locations that are remote from mains supply.

    They can probably be recycled to make more solar panels…

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