Sunday, Aug 20, 2006

What we always suspected!

Telegraph: Inflation is 10pc for middle class

The "real" rate of inflation hitting middle-class households is as high as 10 per cent - more than four times the Government's official rate, it is claimed.

Economists are warning that the Consumer Price Index (CPI), the benchmark measure of inflation, is "meaningless" to millions of consumers, who have been victims of staggering rises in the cost of energy, council tax and school fees over the past 12 months.

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1. Northern Lad said...

it's much higher for us all! Why can't people open there eyes and see the lies we are being told!

Sunday, August 20, 2006 08:05PM Report Comment

2. uncle chris said...

With many thousands of statisticians employed by the government, if they wanted to get an accurate figure then they could do, but it just wouldn't do have 10% + wage claims, unless of course you are politicians and can vote on your own pay rises. It seems the government don't want to admit what we all know .... that living costs have shot up over the past 2 years. No doubt they will attempt to continue the deception until the next election.

Sunday, August 20, 2006 08:27PM Report Comment

3. Gothin said...

Have been looking at HPC site with interest for some time, I'm with you guys in that I believe things are stacking up for a big correction sometime soon, problem is when?

I've long suspected inflation has been running in excess of 6% for some time and like the rest of you I'm fed up with ever increasing house prices brought about about by cheap money supported by fictional inflation figures as per Mr Brown!

Not sure they can hide it much longer though, people are starting to notice that their pay packets are not going as far as they once did and it's just a matter of time before pay disputes start raising their ugly heads once more.

Just thought I'd have a quick rant.

Sunday, August 20, 2006 09:54PM Report Comment

4. Daopig said...

Speaking as a former middle class Britain, I can say that the main difference between my consumer behaviour back when I had gainful employment in infotech (glorified typing) and now, is that right now I buy virtually nothing. I don't even buy goods from China. Also I don't abuse a Nanny, nor do I buy sun-dried tomato chiabata at lunch time, or swill champagne for breakfast lunch and high tea.
The latter is a key point, this government cabinet is known for its appreciation for cheap champagne. My theory is that the 'real' inflation index is centred around ensuring that overweight Scotsmen get to turn over a new leaf - by joining the middle class. How do they do it? By over taxing the targets of their former seething envy and spending the proceeds in a way that is best for All of Us.

Why then is inflation higher for the middle class? Well we don't pay these pseudo-socialist career politicians, and their public cut-purse associates, poorly. But the cost of shelter could be seen as less important than the price of cheap champagne. It depends on your perspective. If I had a growing property portfolio I might prefer one option even though my liver (champagne filter) would prefer another.

Monday, August 21, 2006 07:50AM Report Comment

5. waitingfor hpc said...

well at last some real print in a paper. Will have no effect on the MPC. Who still prefer to live the lie with Crash Gordon.

Monday, August 21, 2006 01:52PM Report Comment

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