Sunday, Aug 20, 2006

Telegraph getting Nervous

Telegraph: Word on the Street

The bubble only bursts when the last bear turns bull...and this article fells that has happened with Capital Economics falling into bull camp.It then outlines some possible triggers for the crash.

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1. paul said...

The heat is on.

There seems to be an extraordinary leap of faith on the part of smug homeowners and amateur journalists in the broadsheets that prices can go up indefinitely.

Sunday, August 20, 2006 04:16PM Report Comment

2. bidin'matime said...

I'm starting to like this guy. I often get the Telegraph on a Saturday and have posted a couple of his reports before, but I missed it yesterday. As usual, he has the caveats in there (in wont really happen..), but the essence of his message is sound.

Personally I think all this about the city bonuses propping up the market is over-done. It might be pushing up prices at the top end, which might boost the stats, but there is likely to be little trickle down effect there may be some trading down by the owners of luxury houses, which then gives them more to pay for the smaller house, but I doubt if this effect is that significant most of the proceeds are dispersed into the economy, by the developers profits for new-build / conversions or the spending of the inheritance from the sale of great aunt Ednas country house. Of course, this inheritance may find its way into the market, but there is no reason why it must.

But the point he makes is valid ie that city slickers can overstretch themselves too

Sunday, August 20, 2006 04:24PM Report Comment

3. inbreda said...

I don't understand the comment: "... rents are simply not moving, and that it's often difficult to fill their flats." when so many other articles are constantly spouting undersupply due to massive immigration and not enough properties to go round.

Monday, August 21, 2006 10:30AM Report Comment

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