Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006

Statistics estimates that 63,500 hectares of land available for development

Firstrung: One million first time buyer starter homes could be built on existing brownfield sites

Statistics published today from the Department for Communities and Local Government suggest that existing stocks of available "brownfield" land could accommodate up to one million new homes.

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1. uncle chris said...

Considering the constant erosion of the UK's manufacturing capacity, I've no doubt that there will be plenty of brownfield sites coming available shortly to build on.Three of the factories that closed down in my area have had housing developments (of the rabbit warren variety) built on them. Shame their prices are so ridiculous that the people that need them cannot afford them.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006 06:39PM Report Comment

2. uncle tom said...

Take a train journey - anywhere in the country - and look out of the window

Loads of derelict land - all over the place!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006 06:42PM Report Comment

3. Bryan said...

I remember "starter homes" built in the late 80's, two up one down horrible little places, it's all happening again, bust in the next year or two

Tuesday, August 29, 2006 07:39PM Report Comment

4. Ticktock said...

... waiting for REITS in January.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006 08:34PM Report Comment

5. japanese uncle said...

I have just received a phone call from the owner of the flat, wishing to have a look at his property next week. Very bad feeling indeed.
He may well be thinking about selling it. I curse the property boom/bust cycle and all those help to create it. I really wish to
see millions of new affordable houses so anyone can buy a reasonable house at say 50K, wiping out this old plague of property ups and downs forever. Impossible dream, though.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006 11:56PM Report Comment

6. Bfskinner said...

You could build as many homes as you want but based on the current market price it wont matter. The average 1st time buyer is already out of the market. Are these houses going to be extra cheap, if so what is to stop a new wave of BTL taking advantage?

if the new stock is taken up quickly and rises in price/value then the next rung of FTBers waiting below will not be able to afford them and we are back to square one. The problem isnt, and I think has never been too few houses. It is simply that the market is over valued. VIs from banks/lenders, EAs, Government, builders etc are desperately trying to find a way to shore up the market and 'help' FTBers in thousands of pounds in debt with out ending the party. The solution isnt to build more poorly constructed overpriced shoe boxes in toxic waste parts of the country. the solution is to let the market fall and recover as all economic markets tend to do in a free market. in fact, why not give it a nudge. I propose an automatic 50% tax on all private rental income, 50% capital gains on the sale of second homes and 150% council tax for holiday homes, and bang rates up a notch or two!

sorry, rant over


Wednesday, August 30, 2006 10:12AM Report Comment

7. Nelson said...

Exactly - couldn't agree more Bfskinner. I'm a potential FTB on a very good salary - I don't need any 'help' to buy, but I don't want to because the houses are just too expensive. I see how quickly these flats go up and can make a value guess at the labour costs, bricks, land worth - how much is a brick these days, I'd really like to know.

If a loaf of bread went up to 5 tomorrow, we wouldn't want help buying the bread from our government- we would probably stop eating bread and start eating rice! And for someone to correct the market and tell the baker their prices are illegal.

I think they should just make it illegal to sell to a BTL over a poorer first time buyer/home buyer. Home buyers surely come first.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006 01:08PM Report Comment

8. inbreda said...

Not convinced of the social benefits of housing the generation of should-be-having-families into affordable (I mean very, very small) houses. Sorry, did I say houses, I meant boxes. Or perhaps coffins would be a better description. And just to top it all, they'll max out their mortgage so they don't have a hope in hell of moving in the next 15 years.

End that branch of the family tree.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006 01:52PM Report Comment

9. tyrellcorporation said...

Ironic that as houses get smaller and smaller, big UK plumpers are getting larger and larger... people will start to resemble Gulliver in the next 10 years!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006 02:58PM Report Comment

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