Thursday, Aug 24, 2006

Speed Dating Madness

Reuters: Speed dating event to come to aid of first-time buyers

This is some crazy madness... meet your perfect co-owner in just four minutes......!!!!!

I quote "And -- unlike those looking for love -- HouseDates does not aim to bring together people for long-lasting partnerships....'It's really just about getting a foot on the ladder -- not a long-term commitment'."

What is a 25 year mortgage then, if it is not a long-term commitment.....?

Posted by uncle lord jim @ 05:11 PM (553 views)
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1. Gregzki said...

What a week! As this bubble nears its end we are now seeing deathbed mortgages (renting from the bank) and now speed dating to find randoms to buy half a house with! We will all have a very good laugh when we log back onto HPC in 15 years time to see what the papers were saying in 2006 before the inevitable crash! Dont forget to enjoy the very likely which will be set up to provide the overstretched with hope for the future, im planning my dinner parties already!

Friday, August 25, 2006 10:19AM Report Comment

2. Rosy said...

"A speed-dating firm with a difference is gearing up to stage its first event -- designed to come to the aid of struggling first-time buyers"

Come to aid of, or ruthlessly exploit? It's such a fine line... I particularly like the bit about first time buyers "paying exorbitant rents". It's true that renting in London can be expensive, but having looked for a flat to buy AND rent in the same area recently (same specifications for both), I can tell you that the rents are just over half (60%) of what the mortgage repayments would be (with a 20% deposit!). It might still be expensive but at least it's not most of my take-home pay... That's almost two years in a property for the price of one - and no maintenance charges, or furniture costs and the possibility for free of moving if the neighbours (or the new flatmate) are from hell. I'm not going to be speed dating any time soon.

Friday, August 25, 2006 12:38PM Report Comment

3. tyrellcorporation said...

Ha, Ha, Ha, this is just great! :)

Maybe folks in desperate need of some amorous action will sign up and buy a house with a stranger just to get them into the sack!

I've been told there are far cheaper ways of getting some satisfaction...

I think this last week has really hit rock bottom for the housing and mortgage industries - it is all starting to pong quite badly!

Friday, August 25, 2006 03:21PM Report Comment

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