Friday, August 4, 2006

More And More Young People Want To Move Overseas

Twice As Many People Want To Move Abroad In Near Future Says Poll

More people are planning on moving abroad in the near future - twice as many as in 2003. And worringly, it is young people who most want to move because of high property prices and the general cost of living. This too will have further consequences for an ageing population.

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4 thoughts on “More And More Young People Want To Move Overseas

  • Bradfordladd says:

    The current housing boom as I am sure most of you are awhare is happening/ happened globaly I moved to brisbane australia in 2002
    the price for family home was around $180’000 by the time I had got settled in to a decencet job and got abit money in the bank which was around oct 2003 I could not find any family homes within 50 miles of my place of work which were below $300’000.
    I was earning $60k a year which is well over the average for brisbane. I decided not to buy as I beleived that a HPC would happen. Around the same time a couple from bradford moved in to the house across the road from my family as we came from the same city we got on really well. They had sold thier house in bradford before the boom and decided to buy in brisbane at the peak of the brisbane boom beliving that house prices never fall, we had many discussions about an australian HPC but they took on all the EA’s and VI,s Spin and bought a house for $310’000 in jan 2004. In may 2005 they needed to make some major repairs to thier swimming pool and decided borrow against there home.They could not belive it when they had the house valued and the current vaule in may 2005 was $285’000. THE GRASS IS NOT ALLWAYS GREENER. I Came back to bradford in sept 2005 and have being renting ever since my freinds family and work colleges all say renting is dead money but when tell the story about my freinds in Aus they just say it won’t happen in England, house prices never fall ?HEAD BRICKWALL ARRGGG!

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  • Excellent!! we now have the equivalent of offshore outsourcing for the property market… Bring it on. Just wait when the Estate agents, Daily Express and BBC start calling for it to be illegal to purchase properties outside of the country or to be taxed big time for doing it…

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  • At the end of the last Bust many of us with negative equity gave up on the UK and moved to countries in Europe too. Many of us did so, so that we could actually start families – as here typically you can still live on one wage and one of the couple can give up work and bring up the kids in a “traditional” family.

    If you have a Degree, are civilised, can speak and write English to a good standard and can speak French or German or other languages (or are willing to have-a-go and learn) there are international organsations and multinationals crying out for you. Your partner can also very quickly learn to “teach English as asecond language” and earn some extra moneyif required.

    Your sellability as a native English Speaker should also not be underestimated – no matter what your educational level.

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  • Cyprus - Dream Destination ? says:

    Completley dissallusioned with blighty in april 05 decided to move wife and family 2 kids (12 + 13) to Cyprus, i had never before visited, but France, Spain, Portugal etc didn’t do it for me, mad i hear you say, yes but nothing ventured etc. Sold house + 2 appartments and ran. Started import export business in july 05 + found quality packaging business in need of help intoduced into UK their products in 12 months business turns over 3 million pounds working on 5% margin, built new house for 160K now valued at 240k in 8 months. Wife works for major house sales company in Cyprus sales up 55% in 12 months for them too. Living costs 35% cheaper than UK, private kids education 3k p.a (Yes 3k) English speaking school 12 kids per class, petrol 52p Ltr, lowest tax in EU, virtualy no crime, no conjestion on roads, 12 months sunshine, 5% tax on pension, no death duty, International phone calls to UK 4.5p min. Latest figures 375,000 people left blighty in 04. We joined EU for freedom of movement of goods and services throughout the EU, so USE IT and leave, come to Cyprus there is less than 1 million people noth and south combined in an area the size of Yorks + Lincs. Leave, Leave Leave don’t stand for any more nonesence gas up100%, Electric 80%, etc etc etc. Good luck to the brave.

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