Thursday, Aug 17, 2006

Good ol' politicians

Guardian: Cameron proposes expansion of right-to-buy

A little bit of extra supply to help tip the balance?

Posted by inbreda @ 05:04 PM (1008 views)
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1. waitingfor hpc said...

I have no time for the guy. I have always been a Tory voter through all the new labour madness but may vote UKIP now. Too many migrants and too many free loaders from the rest of the world in the uk. The Uk has changed beyond recognition - my aim is Canada or Australia.

Jump of the Titanic before it hits the iceburg! Well Tony your name will be mocked in the history books but at the expense of us all.

Thursday, August 17, 2006 05:22PM Report Comment

2. Cstanhope said...

Cameron is a PRAT why the hell should council tenants who have sponged of the taxpayer all this time get a house for next to nothing then sell it on. Fine but then they should pay a windfall tax. I am fed up with those who contribute to society being getting scr**%%d whilst the do nothings getting everything. I actually think I hate Cameron more than Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.
Cameron may actually make the Lib Dems look electable.

PS I have always been a tory voter also...

Thursday, August 17, 2006 05:46PM Report Comment

3. Northern Lad said...

here here!

Thursday, August 17, 2006 07:16PM Report Comment

4. Ticktock said...

Dave says a lot of things, and some people no doubt will be foolish enough (and hate New Labour enough) to believe him.

Sadly he'll probably get in as there is no way anybody other than the two 'twin' partys (both of the same Yankee parents and both ideologicaly identical) can win, such is the extent of the rigging of the constituancy maps in the UK, and the extent of foreign VIs meddling in our (now) 'plastic democracy'.

Thats British democracy for you, 'which one of these neo-liberal Middle class Yankee hugging bunch of crooks would you most like to rob you, cheat you, and lie to you for the next 4years?


Thursday, August 17, 2006 07:17PM Report Comment

5. Northern Lad said...

or is that hear hear!

Thursday, August 17, 2006 07:17PM Report Comment

6. uncle tom said...

I have a similar distrust of our 'Dave'

Much too much like Blair, he is an urbanite who has never worked in the real world, and does not have the breadth of experiance necessary to be an efficient and effective Prime Minister.

Pity, really...

Thursday, August 17, 2006 08:17PM Report Comment

7. uncle chris said...

I suppose if all the council houses are sold off, there will be none left for those illegals arriving in the UK with their families and demanding a house and benefits. Sadly, I'm not convinced that DC is anything but a rerun of Bliar - saying anything to get himself elected. Let's just hope he has the courage to start reclaiming our country if and when he does get in.

Thursday, August 17, 2006 11:15PM Report Comment

8. Nelson said...

No one ever mentions the thousands of australians and canadians coming over here and 'taking jobs' - funny that - the proportion of 'illegal immigrants' is miniscule and most deserve our compassion. Their crime is to be an 'economic migrant' (apparently not a good thing)- if you were stuck in a ruined country like Zimbabwe with no economic prospects you'd show the initiative and try and earn some money in another country to get your children through school? Why should you have the right to emigrate to australia just because you hold a british passport - aren't you doing the same thing, being an economic migrant?

Our fellow europeans have the right to come and work here - just as we have the right to work in other european countries. And there are lots of lazy Brits sitting on benefits demanding housing - and for want of NOT trying - I know of someone who claims he 'can't work for anyone' and needs to run his own business. Whereas I know of new immigrants from India, Nigeria etc who are working two jobs on a pittance of a salary and not complaining - good luck to those willing to work hard I say.

Friday, August 18, 2006 08:33AM Report Comment

9. Mattsta1964 said...

Just another smooth talking conman in a sharp suit full of empty rhetoric. Both the Labour and the Tory party are idealogically (and financially) bankrupt. Then we have an assortment of reactionary parties, the BNP, UKIP etc who couldn't run tea party. In short, we are stuffed

Friday, August 18, 2006 08:51AM Report Comment

10. Miniftse said...

Blair is an out right liar, a man of little moral conviction, most definitely a man of the upper middle class, and a genuinely poor prime minister. I'd still take him any day over Lord Dave of Westminster; the British public has a duty at the next election to ensure we're not one again ruled by the aristocracy.

Oh and you do have a tendency to sound like a bunch of fascists when you imply you cant afford a home because of immigration, isn't that how Hitler got started, playing peoples emoticons during a time of economic hardship? And lots of hypocrisy when you belittle people for coming to work here and you propose the answer is to do exactly what they have done, and go and work somewhere else.

Friday, August 18, 2006 09:10AM Report Comment

11. Caledonian-emigre said...

Cameron clone of Blair

Friday, August 18, 2006 09:49AM Report Comment

12. sebastian said...

Heh, Miniftse I came accross this interesting bit the other day:'s_law

"Godwin observed that people had increasingly begun to compare anyone and anything they mildly disliked with Hitler and/or Fascism.
Godwin's Law does not dispute whether, in a particular instance, a reference or comparison to Hitler or the Nazis might be apt."

Whilst I may not completely agree with all the views above on immigration, I still believe people should discuss it without fear of being branded a nazi.

Friday, August 18, 2006 10:06AM Report Comment

13. uncle chris said...

Sebastian, don't worry, I've come to ignore those who play the 'race' or 'nazi' card in an attempt to avoid the long overdue debate about excessive immigration. And anyway, wasn't it the Nazi's and Stalinists that killed people to prevent free speech ..... see, we could go on all day.

I just want my country back, so that I can feel part of a community again. Around a month ago, I walked around 400 yards through my local town (Wrexham) and didn't hear a word of Welsh or English spoken - polish ... yes, portugese ... yes, arabic ... yes, russian ... yes, chinese ... yes - and all from people just hanging about on the streets during the middle of the day.

Friday, August 18, 2006 10:29AM Report Comment

14. waitingfor hpc said...

Let's get 2 things straight. The problem with the Uk is just that Chris, you get branded a radical for daring to wish for what most other countries have, an identity and a country. I wish that England kept being English and the people here adopt our rules and our way of life not try to change it!

As for Miniftse, GET IN THE REAL WORLD. They are not poor people? They are paying big bucks to get shipped over here for a house and money! Are we to take in all the POOR people in the world. In that case we best skoop up Iraq, Lebanon, Cuba, the whole of Africa ... the list goes on !

And in response to your attack on my emigration. I am worth over 2 million. I love the UK. But I am not prepared to sit here and watch my country be ruined. As it has been. And unlike the UK I have to get a VISA and I have to have MONEY to emigrate otherwise THEY DO NOT WANT ME. That is why I will go there and have a sense of identity and pride, to a country that understands you can not take in all the worlds dead wood and expect a stable economy and politically grounded country. Britain is walking on glass. And you are right about the Hitler point, with all this melting pot the sentiment I see and hear from the average middle englander is getting very right wing. Who knows where it will end even the Labour party this morning is talking about forcibaly sending migrants back - That is what Hitler started by doing. Do they know something we don't?

Friday, August 18, 2006 10:44AM Report Comment

15. Mrmickey said...

The reason the country is being flooded with cheap foreign labour is an attempt by the government to mitigate the effects of the raging inflation we are starting to experience in this country. As Bloomberg stated the recent rise in unemployment was due to the influx of foreign labour. Why else would a government continue allow more foreign labour in to country with rising unemployment.

Friday, August 18, 2006 11:07AM Report Comment

16. Disbeliever said...

The reason Bliar let all the immigrants in is simply because he needed people to vote for him. No-one here wants him, so he ships over a shed load of illegals and asylum seekers in the hope that they show their appreciation by voting for him. Under Thatcher the working class moved up a notch leaving a void of the underclass that would normally vote Labour. So now we got to import them to fill the gap!! It's about having a voter base to guarrantee getting in again Bliar doesn't care about the UK he's a meglamaniac!! And Dave is a very wet fish too!! Bring back Thatcher she'd sort the lot of em out!!

Friday, August 18, 2006 11:07AM Report Comment

17. inbreda said...

personally I think Nelson and miniftse were bringing some common sense back to the blog.

Anti-immigrant views are always reactionary and protectionist.

I'm sure you'd be happy to invest in a holiday home in some of the countries experiencing debilitating emigration, but you can't cope when someone who is willing to work harder than you takes your job. Why should you earn more and work less? What gives you the right to be pampered? And then you've got the cheek to have a pop at unemployed, calling them do-nothings!

No-one likes a hypocrite.

And you don't look too intelligent when you knock the government and then swallow their protectionist immigration crap hook line and sinker.


Friday, August 18, 2006 12:01PM Report Comment

18. kpjcomp said...

The subject of Immigrants' always confuses the hell out of me.

On the one hand people talk about how they come over here and bleed our welfare system dry, and the next minute I here news about how our poplulation is getting older and there is no young people to keep the oldies with a pension running, and apparently these immigrants are filling this gap. What's really weird, is that the immigrants who come over here willing to work are the ones that appear to get ejected, and the ones who do sponge of the state are kept nice and cosy in council houses.

If we only had "Freedon of Information", and not just "Freedom of Speech" maybe it would be easer to decide what's really going on in this country!! Were all constanly filled with Propaganda in this country, from all directions. Maybe we should amend our "Freedom of Speech" to say "Freedom of TRUE Speech".

I soppose I've just had a rant there!!, maybe the Bullshit we keep getting from the CML, RICS & friends that the BBC keep reporting on without any form of bias is starting to irritate me now.

Talking about the BBC, I was watching the famous "Homes under the Hammer" program, and after this SNOB in London had purchased a flat, "apparently he was going to buy a golf course but went above what he wanted to pay so settled for the flat instead". Right near the end, I nearly felt like throwing a brick at my TV when the presenter said, "The owner was'nt sure he would continue to rent it out, or rent then leave it for his daughter when she got older". Either way apparently the Flat could'nt fail to go up in value, and he was in a Win Win situation. How can the BBC let such bullshit air on TV?, and then they have the nerve to air a program called "Old Dogs New Tricks" tracking down these companies selling slimming pills that give false claims. Eh, BBC sort out your own house first will you?.

Friday, August 18, 2006 12:02PM Report Comment

19. sebastian said...

Funny, Anti anti-immigrant views are always reactionary and protectionist...:P

Friday, August 18, 2006 12:41PM Report Comment

20. denzil said...

inbreda said:
>>personally I think Nelson and miniftse were bringing some common sense back to the blog.

You and me both.

Friday, August 18, 2006 01:35PM Report Comment

21. sebastian said...

>>personally I think Nelson and miniftse were bringing some common sense back to the blog.
>>You and me both.

To me this only highlights what has already been said. Instead of actually discussing an issue we throw around hitlers name and call people reactionary, yet what happened to the discussion at hand? Assign a negative connotation with someones comments and then everyone is bound to agree purely on that basis, thus we see godwins law.

I fail to see the sense in this..?

"There is a tradition in many newsgroups and other Internet discussion forums that once such a comparison is made, the thread is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically "lost" whatever debate was in progress.".

Friday, August 18, 2006 02:08PM Report Comment

22. Snowman said...

Waiting for the crash,

Do you know that Canada and Australia have exatly the same issues with immigration?

25% of greater Toronto population was actually born outside Canada.

More than 10% of Vancouver are Chinese.

Also look at the people of street photos of Montreal here:
What do people look like there?

Friday, August 18, 2006 03:04PM Report Comment

23. Uncle Jim said...

It is in human nature to want to better themselves and look after the people they care for as best they can. We live in one world and we are all citizens of that world. We all have similar human aspirations. Stop criticising people less fortunate than yourselves for trying to satisfy their natural instincts. If people are willing to work, or use their ambition, including migration, to improve their lives then you cannot criticise them. You would probably do the same in similar circumstances. If you really don't like the way any one government, ours or otherwise, deals with migration and other political issues then stop whinging and get rid of that government. Govern yourselves for all I care. With our foreign policy we have no right to criticise people from other nations for wanting to leave those countries. You have no right to whinge without engaging your brain first and without trying to do something intelligent to improve the situation.

Friday, August 18, 2006 03:17PM Report Comment

24. kpjcomp said...

> "There is a tradition in many newsgroups and other Internet discussion forums that once such a comparison is made,
> the thread is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically "lost" whatever debate was in progress.".

I've used Newgroups for a long while, never seen that one before. But then maybe I'm into different sort of NG's.
Not sure why the mention of the word Nazi automatically means you've lost the debate either, sounds like some sort of reverse cycology mumbo jumbo response to automatically mean you've won the debate.. :)

What I would say, is that it appears the Thread has slightly gone OT (Off Topic).

btw. my views on Immigrants if you had'nt sussed from my previous msg, is that I don't know, because were all filled with such Propganda bullshit it's hard to work out whats fact and whats fiction.

Friday, August 18, 2006 04:08PM Report Comment

25. Disbeliever said...

OK so immigrants have got the right to come over here and seek a better life. But I have got the right to have a good life too, and if them being here affects my right to a good life, then I have also got the right to despise them - Fair comment I feel for all those bleeding hearts out there.

Friday, August 18, 2006 05:13PM Report Comment

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