Tuesday, Aug 08, 2006

First time buyer RIP - Direct Line

Firstrung: Second properties versus first time buyer homes, apocalypse now or for future generations?

Annual growth in the number of second properties will outstrip that of first-time purchases over the coming decade. By 2015 the number of second properties will reach 3.3 million, a rise of 664,000 or 25 per cent. In contrast, fewer than 300,000 first-time buyers will enter the market annually by 20152 - this represents a 17 per cent decrease from today's figures (364,300).

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1. indiablue19 said...

At the expense of sounding a "broken record" .......if in so small a nation with limited housing people feel neither conscience nor good sense in maintaining "second homes" that are of scant use to them on odd occasions, then punitive tax may be more convincing. It's done to all the rest of us night and day -- why not to the "supersizers?" It was interesting to notice on television last night that a threat of 1,800 per annum for those who drive a 4X4 brought boo-hoos from those interviewed and plans to shop for a Ford Focus. Maybe a similar strategy is the only way to bring sanity to the second home "market" -- which shouldn't exist. And another twist -- Living in downtown of a capital city it is strange to notice how many flat owners "need" a 4X4 replete with winch and tow bars -- presumably for climbing cliffs and hauling in the odd elk to the log fire -- all to advertise to neighbors their phantom ownership of a non-existent Country Home. This is a prop for punching up local status on the idea that they are housing gluttons. Time to get out large pin and pop the illusion.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006 12:18PM Report Comment

2. inbreda said...

I don't think any more reason is required to introduce punitive taxes beyond the fact that irresponsible and arrogant 4*4 drivers DESERVE a good kicking. As do antisocial 2nd home owners.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006 01:43PM Report Comment

3. George Monsoon said...

little priced out voice in the corner says..:- Please sir, can I have a home!

Tuesday, August 8, 2006 02:09PM Report Comment

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5. sebastian said...

Well, there are legitimate reasons for owning a 4 x 4 so I certianly don't think this tax would be fair on all (my uncle uses his to tow boats). I actually think people should have to take some sort of further test before they can drive a 4 x 4.

For a start the breaking distances are surely a fair bit different when driving a 4 x 4, which means I get especially annoyed when I get tailgated by a 4 x 4.

What about heights?

How does your height effect your view?

What about reversing? Something like 100 children die a year in America when reversed over by their own parents.

One of the main causes of death (if not the main) in an accident is the vehicle rolling, take into account that 4 x 4s are many times more likely to roll than a normal car and you can see it's really not as good as people think.

How much more damage does a 4 x 4 cause to others car in an accident? Even if it does make the driver of the 4 x 4 safe what about the other people on the road?

I really detest them as a 'road' vehicle.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006 02:21PM Report Comment

6. Retiredbanker said...


You are correct about the longer braking distances required by SUV's, particularly at the higher speeds most
of them seem to be driven at.

A 50/60cwt SUV will inflict horrendous damage on the average family car in a collision, with a high probability
of fatalities for the occupants of the car.

The trouble is that the more SUV's there are on the roads, the more other people feel the need to buy one
in order to protect themselves and their families. A sort of arms race!

Tuesday, August 8, 2006 03:03PM Report Comment

7. George Monsoon said...

Tax the 4xers! and put the cash into public information films about the dangers of SUV's

Tuesday, August 8, 2006 04:40PM Report Comment

8. sebastian said...

Aye, retiredbanker. Anyone know where I can buy a tank?

Tuesday, August 8, 2006 04:58PM Report Comment

9. Hushupnow said...

my CRV is a gas

Tuesday, August 8, 2006 09:19PM Report Comment

10. Sm9ai said...

The funny thing about 4x4 being safer is that a focus is actually a safer car.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006 11:56AM Report Comment

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