Friday, Aug 18, 2006

Facists of the World Unite

Torygraph: Unchecked immigration is putting Britons out of work

Unchecked immigration is putting Britons out of work, and apparently it's all those low paid immigrants that have fuelled the housing bubble...

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1. Bulltraderpt said...

Can't see how this is a facist article?

It states a law of economics when lower cost base workers come in to a higher cost based economy (where workers are paid considerably more), and those lower workers are favoured over higher cost workers.

I think the OP should get an education of at least open his eyes to how British unskilled and semi skilled workers wages are being squeezed by EC enlarement.

But I suppose the OP is alright as they have a government public service non value adding job!

Saturday, August 19, 2006 07:02AM Report Comment

2. The Bald Man said...

In the short term there may(?) be economic benefits but the problem is that we are over recruiting which will inevitably create long term problems. I suppose we could always create some more civil service jobs to make the unemployment figures better!

Saturday, August 19, 2006 11:18AM Report Comment

3. Retiredbanker said...

This country is also providing a haven for the super-rich many of whom have acquired their wealth by
distinctly dubious means.

About 10 years ago I was told by a very senior law enforcement officer that the Russian "mafia" were
buying expensive properties in wealthy areas of the UK, particularly in the part of Surrey where he lived.

As I have previously posted, whole areas of central London ( Belgravia, Chelsea,Holland Park, Kensington,
etc.,etc.) now have very large populations of middle-eastern appearance.
Whilst in banking I had many customers from the Gulf oil producing states, and the wealth of some of
them is quite incredible. One spent 1.5m on a penthouse flat in which to install his "mistress", and some
would lose 50k in one nights gambling. 5k spent buying silk ties in Jermyn street was trivial expenditure,
( and this was 15/20 years ago ).

Obviously a large influx of such wealthy people must have a highly inflationary effect on property prices,
( one Greek customer paid 30m for house in The Bishop's Avenue, Hampstead ), and I do not see how
anyone could doubt it.

With regard to the point raised in another posting about immigrants being prepared to do low-paid jobs,
whilst this may be the case for the incomers, it will certainly not be true for their children, and that's
when the trouble starts.We are already one of the most crowded countries in the world, and cannot
continue trying to solve our inherent economic problems by importing cheap labour.

Our population level is already too high, and those that doubt this would do well to investigate the
frightening projections for world food shortages, which are being compounded by building on arable land,
soil erosion, and oil/gas depletion which will divert corn, etc. into bio-fuels, whilst at the same time
reducing the availability of fertilisers for food production.

Saturday, August 19, 2006 12:35PM Report Comment

4. Mrmickey said...

There was a guy on radio 4 last night who works for a homeless charity in London. He said that a third of the people using their charity are now from other EU countries. There was also a women from Poland on who runs a charity helping Polish people stuck without work or prospects and falling in to drug usage prostitution etc in the UK return to Poland. This is the down side of unlimited imigration which is always smoothed over, also what effect does this have on the Polish economy with it's finest coming to work here , how does this help Poland out of it's economic and demographic problems.

Saturday, August 19, 2006 02:09PM Report Comment

5. indiablue19 said...

I suggest this as a test of this theory of how immigrants effect work possibilties for UK citizens.
Go down to your local job centre, see who's in line and the jobs available. In all probability you will learn what I have via university students in my acquaintance -- Tesco's is always hiring. The jobs are accepted by uni students working partime, and the desperate. This is because Tesco's runs a nation wide sweatshop. There are never enough people on the job and those who are hired are expected to work themselves senseless to compensate for those who quit and aren't replaced.

You may think I'm exaggerating, but income figures say that one of every eight pounds of purchasing power in the UK goes to Tesco's. They are an enormous employer with huge power to create jobs, but what they actually create is large profits for themselves and their stockholders. Their corporate founder, by the way, was indicted for fraud in London for bribing voters and tax evasion, and lives in Tel Aviv, having assigned the Company to the nominal ownership of others.

Tesco's pays minimum wage to most workers for months, even years, on end, and float their payroll for four weeks at a time besides. As a result, a person who is already making practically nothing while slaving their guts out gets paid at Tesco's leisure. Meanwhile Tesco's with its record breaking profits makes additional interest income off these people This should be illegal.

The union does speak to new Tesco's workers on induction to the Company. As I understand it they are told that Tesco and the Union have a "great relationship" and there is no need to join unless you'd like to have dues deducted from your already pitiful paycheck, in exchange for which the Union would provide a coffin when you die. This doesn't sound like much incentive to want Union protection.

It is obvious if you venture into their store that they've covered all the angles and will soon own the country. Little by little, they manufacture everything they sell and there is no choice at all. Tesco pasta, Tesco soups, toilet tissues, toothpaste, paper towels, soaps, tomato sauce, soup, soft drinks, salad dressings, crackers, coffee, cereals, sugar, flour and the rest. Their produce providers say that Tesco has cornered so much of the market that they've got no option but to accept the pathetic offering for their crops. And the same for meat packers. Anybody want to play Monopoly?

Would you want the job working for Tesco? Perhaps only if your choice was to return to all-out slavery.

Most of the impressive growing unemployment I've seen advertised reflects the downfall of British manufacturing and the end of a skilled work force who has nowhere to go unless they'd like to sweat it out in a Tesco shirt or learn the phrase, "Would you like fries with that?" Those people are smart to head to Australia, Canada, the USA, or anywhere else that they can cope with the language.

Saturday, August 19, 2006 05:04PM Report Comment

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7. Ticktock said...

* Tesco and the Union have a "great relationship"

Unfortunately the fraud that is the 'partnership working' arrangement is still very much in play and the TUC shoud be ashamed of its on-going support for these schemes.

Real Trade Unionists are doing all they can to break up this scam as it is the effective death of Trade Unionism itself.
Democratic, socialist, Unions such as the TGWU/AMICUS vote to reject pathetic pay offers, only to find their 'partners' in Unison/GMB have accepted it by way of a block vote on behalf of their members, who were not even consulted on the issue. Closer investition of these 'business forum' type arrangements find that most 'Senior Stewards' have long since become managers within their company.

Union members need to reclaim the leadership and dirrection of their corrupted organisations, and expose the sell outs for what they are.

Why would the TUC and business friendly Unions like Unison support policy that destroys lay member democracy and ultimately destroys themselves, one might ask.

The cancer upon the labour movement that is New Labour have long since stiched up the Unions. It is time for a serious grass-root rebbellion, one that does not settle for mild reform that leads to no change. A French style Revolution is what is required, and heads need to roll.

Shame on all Trade Unionists who continue to paticipate in this fraud. Do your job or step down.

Sunday, August 20, 2006 12:14PM Report Comment

8. Bfskinner said...

good old Torygraph. all our problems are no doubt cause by immigrants are they?

articles like this are not worth the paper they are printed on. A blindfold retarded chimp with pencil in its teeth could have written a better article. All the official figures point the other way and say that this country benefits from immigration. There was a really good article in yesterdays (Aug 22nd) Indy and a column from Digby Jones as well.

Basically, if immigrants can get jobs when they come here it is because there our plenty of jobs that our lazy spoiled population can't or wont do. People come from other countries to work in skilled and unskilled jobs. they may come from another country to clean our toilets and be grateful for the work. how many of our own school leavers will do that. Utter nonsense this article and I agree that it is nothing more than whinging rightwing alarmist crap!


Wednesday, August 23, 2006 09:30AM Report Comment

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