Tuesday, Aug 22, 2006

Doom Doom Doom

The Daily Reckoning: Inflation upheavals

Gloomy view from the U.S by the right wing 'crack pot' Bill Bonner.

'Bullion Bill' compares the hypainflation of 20's Germany, with what he sees as being the likely future for the U.S.
Everyone knows what emerged politicaly from the economic ruin of Germany, but could the US be heading the same way?
Some might ask, if anybody in the U.S would notice a rise in fascism, after all, what is the difference between Fascists and Neo-Cons besides a possible differing of opinion upon the jewish question?

Posted by ticktock @ 02:45 PM (1960 views)
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1. tyrellcorporation said...

Crikey TickTock you're gonna burst something!!!

Neo-Con is an American rebranding of Conservatism in an effort to remain/get into power in the face of an electorate that values image over substance... in fact, not unlike Neu Labour...

Calling Neo-Cons Facist is as daft as calling New Labourites communist - now take a deep breath old boy...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006 04:28PM Report Comment

2. inbreda said...

I don't know Tyrell - there are some similarities.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006 05:03PM Report Comment

3. Ticktock said...

OK, I was being a little mischievious here, but I think you should look a little closer at the ideology of the U.S. Neo-Cons. It is substansialy more than a 'branding exercise', and (while accepting that it sounds a little far out) I would welcome comments that could explain to the difference between the two ideologies I have mentioned.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006 05:03PM Report Comment

4. Inbreda said...

Fascism is "A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism. "

Now try and tell me the neo-cons...
a) have nothing to with Murdoch and his media supremacy
b) aren't nationalist
c) haven't tried to enact extreme legislation such as the Patriot Act and these aren't stringent socioeconomic controls
d) wouldn't suppress the opposition if there was some, and that they haven't tried to censor e.g. Michael Moore, or in fact anyone who could be seen as opposition.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006 05:06PM Report Comment

5. japanese uncle said...

Nazis and the so called Zionist jews were initially in a cooperative relationship sharing the common goal or the so called final solution, i.e. to oust or emigrate European jews to the 'promosed land'. Also it is well known that those Wall Street financiers including GWB's granpa Prescott heavily supported Hitler and Nazi Germany. I am not talking about ordinary jews, but those power-money hungry elitistic jews, including the monster who was capable of demolishing a building with thousands of workers still inside. They have too much in common with the Nazi fascists, as well exemplified in the recent developments in the Middle East. It is not surprising that New Labour or the Blairites at least is quite close to the Neo Cons, as both are supported by those powerful financiers that can use the major media (News of the World in particular, about whose ownership I am not going to discuss any further) at their will, for their propaganda purpose. Look what happened to those politicians from Robin Cook, Charles Kennedy, Mark Oaten, and Tommy Sheridan, all of them had some potential to serve as effective restriction to the further military agression in the Middle East. BBC's incredibly distorted stance on the issue of property Bubble, is not due to such trifling reasons as the personal VI of their executives, but to the overall grip by the City or Wall Street; as illustrated by the fact that a Goldman-Sachs executive can serve as its chairman.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006 06:29PM Report Comment

6. Scooter said...

Japanese Uncle, get back on the medicine. Your bizarre anti-jewish conspiracy theories, Jews being behind the Holocaust and reference (I think) to Jews destroying the WTC deserve a place on some scary Far left or Far right wing website. "Power hungry elitist Jews"? You must have been reading the Protocols of Elders of Zion-did no one tell you they were a Czarist forgery? As for Oaten, he shagged a rent boy whilst married supposedly and resigned. No conspiracy. Robin Cook resigned as he disagreed with the PM. Kennedy is a self-confessed alchoholic and resigned. Tommy Sheridan, who knows what to believe but the idea that these people were "removed" by Neo-Cons or NuLab is pretty dumb. Yes, Jews are behind all things left, right and centre, Nazi and Communist and every shade in between and anything else bad and all media and finance is controlled from your local synagogue. Just out of interest, are you a Muslim lunatic or a Neo-Nazi lunatic? It is so hard to tell sometimes.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006 08:55PM Report Comment

7. indiablue19 said...

TickTock -- It's not hard to sound conspiratorial these days when collusion and fraud seems to surround a democratic western society we once trusted. There are several fairly credible alternative media sources who use what you are saying as a "jumping-off point" into far worse accusations against any number of Western nations and leaders in relation to world domination through finances, mind control, phony terror, and you name it. Many of these include the references Japanese Uncle is making as well.

The lineage of collaborative world-domination would seem to begin as far back as the Dutch Royal Family, circa 1950 or so, who owns Shell and started the annual convention of Bilderberg. In the event you haven't heard of it -- a completely secret meeting of world leaders who "discuss" a global policy agenda. This is the international equivalent to the American elitist group who began the Skull and Bones fraternity at Yale and who each year nominate the next rank of international industrialists to power, complete with funding and ready-made corporate opportunity.

Having sat through the phony election "recounts" of 2000 in the US, and having heard the horror stories of those whose votes were "lost" or who were barred from voter registration in Florida and, having recognized the combination of computerized fraud and media conspiracy in which West coast voters [three hours behind in time] were told by television announcers not to bother going to the polls because Eastern results already indicated a landslide victory for Bush, and having ultimately left the US for good when Dubya launched himself into power on the back of Supreme Court votes from the judges GWB put in office, I would put nothing past the lot of them.

It's an interesting exercise to read the lists of Bilderberg membership: an international Who's Who of financiers and captains of industry. This is where global government level decisions are being made although we are all sold some story about G8 Summit meetings. So far as I am concerned, every elected politician who participates is a traitor, and in complete violation of their oath of office for a blatant conflict of interest in a worldwide policy-making organization that outranks their loyalties to any national government and its citizens. Yet Toni and Cheri are on the guest list, along with GWB and the rest.

In terms of conspiratorial financial control on the middle classes, I often think --what happens if there is a major crash of property worldwide? Who's in the street? Some overextended bozo. Who owns all the houses? Bankers from New York to Dubai -- who can afford to ride out the storm and turn around and sell them back to the rest of us. What a racket.

Dig into the news a bit and you learn that London is being bought up by high rolling cash buyers from the Middle East. Certainly this must affect our lives more than a few brokers counting on a year-end bonus. Sounds like the common connections are power and oil. Not owning even a small well, I have come to think, as much as I want prices leveled, there is no winning in this for the average human being. It's a very high-stakes crap game that has nothing to do with the rest of us who are mere cannon fodder, cogs in the wheel, and potentially dead under some tree if we hear something we shouldn't and refuse to go along.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006 10:54PM Report Comment

8. japanese uncle said...

What indiablue19 said..is spot on indeed.

Property boom and bust, nay the whole economic cycle is more or less staged by those who are in control of every economic and political (and military) parameter. How can you expect the BoE to behave in the interest of the public, while it is not owned by the taxpayers of this country, but by a few powerful international financiers who also own the FRB. And there is always 'incompetence defence' available for those bosses for every disaster. This is the conclusion after my having observed the economic, political and geopolitical developments asociated with the demeanor of the big financial players including central banks for the last couple of decades. The so called experts smugly talk about the global inflation as triggered by the oil price hike almost like a natural phenomenon. Give it a break! Oil price is one parameter that can be most closely manipulated by a handful of financial tycoons who also control the Majors, (which is exactly why they are called the "Majors") . Artificial Inflation and subsequent IR rise to bust the economic (and property) bubble, in which those who can afford to play the game, whether corporate or individual can make stinking profit, all at the cost of those lamb to the slaughter.

One interesting thing though, is the latest Guardian/ICM poll revealing that only 20% of the public believe what the Bliar Government says about the recent yet again terror threat accross the Atlantic (Just remember those six poor North-Africans arrested in the ricin terror hullabaloo in 2003 were all released without charge!). People may not be that stupid as they appear, after all.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 08:20AM Report Comment

9. monty said...

Yawn. I resisted responding to this rubbish yesterday but am able to no longer. Jon Ronson debunks most of the commonly held conspiracy theories in his book Them, including the Bilderbergers, the owl worshippers of Bohemian Grove and the giant lizards. Oh, beware the company you keep.

You see a world economy whose every motion is directed by these global players. All I see are a bunch of incompetent politicians and unelected bungling bureaucrats feathering their own nests while mis-spending the taxes we so willing pay over.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 09:33AM Report Comment

10. Daintydiana said...

I lived in the USA for 8 years as an expat Brit. Politicians are all elected, as America is a democracy, and it is also the finest country that has ever existed. I know, because I actually lived there, unlike many who express opinions. PS. Only mortgage lenders drive housing markets upwards, by competing with each other in the invention of increasingly grotesque loan types. When they run out of ideas, and when streets are bristling with 'to let' signs, we will see prices fall. Forget conspiracies.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 09:54AM Report Comment

11. indiablue19 said...

Monty... Strange, if you are serious in your comments, that you hang your hat on the opinion of Jon Ronson, whose book has inspired absolute outrage amongst thinking people, since he has portrayed Omar Bakri, guru to Richard Reid the shoebomber as some loveable goofball, rather than a mass murderer, and with further questionable ethics, has sought to humanize this man and other radicals like him who delighted in the thousands of deaths resulting from 9/11. Ditto, Jon Ronson's inexplicably comical treatment of the KKK and it leaders' careful attempts to abandon hooded robes and dissasociate their rascist obssessions and murderous reputation from the Nazis. Further, be assured that I neither ally myself with nor quote David Icke and other similar whackos, nor am I allowing you to assume those associations on my behalf.

I know what I observed firsthand during the US election of 2,000. It was sufficient to inspire me to abandon an established home and career in the States at the first possible moment. I'm am only equally saddened to know that, in the UK, I apparently appear at least 300 times a day on CCTV camera and recently had six photographs of my car parked three inches over a faded line outside my home delivered by the local wardens in support of a thirty pound fine. And there are evidently plans afoot to track vehicle useage by satellite through a box on the dashboard, and sign all of us on for ID cards. You may seriously think there is no evidence of the absolute erosion of privacy and freedom at every level being orchestrated at our own taxable expense, I regret that I can't adopt the same blithe spirit.

Of course that is not to disallow all the typical bungling and mismanagement of bureaucracy. But I am not fooled. I take my stand on firsthand evidence of the existence of such despotism, not on the dismissive word of a fanciful journalist who finds the idea of mass murder humorous and seeks to establish any shocking reputation he can manage to sel lhis work. I do agree with you, "beware the company you keep."

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 10:42AM Report Comment

12. d'oh said...

Monty - so what do the Bilderbergers meet for then? Tea and scones and gossip about the latest episode of Neighbours?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 11:08AM Report Comment

13. japanese uncle said...

scooter is distorting my points.

Who said global economy is controlled by local synagogues? I am saying 99% of the jewish population are innocent. So all they have to do is to distant themselves from those vicious ones who really control the global economy and politics, exactly as the muslims are expected to distant themselves from the fanatics. So this is the mechanism. Any critical comment about the Zionists, Israeli government and powerful jewish businessmen will be automatically and immediately branded 'anti-semitist' as if blaming the ordinary innocent jews, and rubbished, where those who really deserve criticism will be able to enjoy 'divine immunity' from any criticism, which perfectly fits the definition of facsism, does it not? I would say, things are as if ordinary jews are held hostage by those evil ones. Incidentally I do not appreciate radical Muslims as well as Zionists as both are self-righteous beyond belief. And for the sake of argument, I personally heard on not a few occasions muslim men saying that in terms of population, muslims would beat any other religious groups and dominate the world, which is simply disgusting, Likewise I do not believe in establishing a nation by expelling the inhabitants who had been there for centuries, on the basis of their biblical rights. And I detest those geriatric Hamas leaders instructing their teenage followers to go and self-destruct. (Meanwhile it is public knowledge that Hamas was partly financed by the Mossad.)

Also notable is that anyone who raises reasonable question about the so called Holocaust story is bluntly branded a Neo-Nazi. As mentioned I hate Nazis as well as Japanese imperialists who caused horrendous misery to their neighbouring nations just half a century ago. Yet I cannot stop mentioning the fact that the disclosure (after the glasnost in 1989) of the documents confiscated at Auschwitz by the Red Army in 1945, indicates only 69,000 deaths were recorded as opposed to more than one million, as often claimed. 69,000 deaths is of course 69,000 too many. Yet we might better be reminded that literally millions of Poles Russians, and Germans indeed were killed in the war. To me everything about Holocaust seems far exaggerated. Thankfully in Britain, pointing out this fact does not warrant imprisonment, at least thus far.

1) Sinking of USS Maine in 1989 (allegedly by the Spanish, in reality by the US Commandos) leading to Spanish-American War, resulting in the massive American (or big business) interest in Latin America and the Philippines.

2) Destruction of Reichstag in 1933 allegedly caused by a Communist arsonist, later transpired as Nazi insider job to blame and destroy the Communist Party and attain complete dictatorship

3) "Remember Pearl Harbour" where more than necessary damage was inflicted as Admiral Kimmel (commander/Pacific Fleet) was kept in the dark about the imminent attack by the order of Franklin Roosevelt, leadind to the war between Japan and US, which enabled Roosevelt to send American troops to Europe (despite the original isolationist position of the counrty), as Germany had no choice but declare war on the US under the Japan-Germany-Italy triple alliance, resulting into massive Anglo-American business interests in post war Europe and Asia.

4) Holocaust to drive the herd of European jews to Zion (serving as bridgehead of the business interests in the oil-rich Middle East in the 21st century) and the exaggerated statistics and massive propaganda, giving those genuinely evil ones perfect immunity from any criticism.

5) 911, giving pretext for the illegal aggression into Afganistan and Iraq

1)-3) have already been established as "conspiracy facts" rather than conspiracy theory. When about for 4) and 5)?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 11:28AM Report Comment

14. inbreda said...

For what it's worth I happen to agree with JU.

And DaintyDiana - if you think the US is such a great country why did you leave it? We are trying to amass all the nutcases in the same place, so please move back.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 01:56PM Report Comment

15. Ticktock said...

Indiabue -I do indeed know of the Bilderberg and what/who they represent. I agree with your views on this.

J.U. - Likewise, and for what its worth, you are correct about the right wing zionist support for the Nazis (although,as you say, this was a fringe element of the Zionist movement, and not representative of the views of most Jews, or even most Zionists)

Scooter - This is not rascist or anti-semetic, it is a fact.

Monty - I wish I were able to share your apathy for what is happening in the world, but fear that this may be a neglect of duty to both my Country, and my children.

DaintyDiana - I fail to see how living in the States for a time makes you any better placed to comment than the other bloggers. Most people in the US do not understand why the rest of the World hates them either. This is not because they are stupid, it is because they are systematicly, and very skillfully, decieved.
There are many orphans, widows, refugees, disposesed, displaced, and disinfranchised people around the world who would hold a somewhat different view as to what constituted actions of a 'Great Nation'.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 03:02PM Report Comment

16. Alithemuslim said...

JU, thanks for the info. You have obviously read and thought a lot. I wish there were many more like you man.

take care


Wednesday, August 23, 2006 03:08PM Report Comment

17. waitingfor hpc said...

come to think of it - i bet this site is being watched now by MI5. And we are all under surveillence as we dare to speak this way...........
if you are reading Tony, well done mate, you will go down in history as the PM that F****D the Uk up.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 03:22PM Report Comment

18. Daintydiana said...

inbreda. Great fun to be called a nutcase, especially by a complete stranger. Must write more often. Left because I have family here, so obliged to live with 'non-nutcases' like your good self :)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 04:23PM Report Comment

19. Ticktock said...

=Thankfully in Britain, pointing out this fact does not warrant imprisonment, at least thus far.

I was arrested on Friday night for singing anti-Isreali songs at a cider festival in Worcester. Granted, I was a little worse for wear, and possibly a little louder than I had realised too, but being hand-cuffed, taken to the station, and locked in a cell for the night seemed a little odd. Particularly as the banter was between myself and my friends, and didn't involve a complaint from any member of the public.

I had to accept a caution Sat. morning (as anybody who has been to court in the UK will know that justice is very expensive these days, and unless you are minted, it usually just gets worse if you appeal)) for 'Racially aggrivated harrassment'.

I apparently 'harrassed' a hypothetical Isreali, who may have overheard me. The fact that my drunken singing was in response to anti Arab/Iran/Hizzbolla taunts, didnt seem to register at all. It seems vocal criticism of Arabs/Persians and Hizzbolla/ Iran is legal, but exactly the same taunts aimed at Jews/Isreal is not

All a bit embarresing, and a warning to all scrumpy festival goers as to what can happen when you drink that loony stuff, but while not defending my drunken behaviour, Racial harrassment? Come on.

True Story I promise you!

Worrying times indeed.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 04:28PM Report Comment

20. indiablue19 said...

Dear WFHPC said....

Funny, isn't it, we have the moxie to question whether democracy exists anymore or if it's just become some elaborate hoax and whether or not we all live on some leash at the behest of authorities who can yank our chain at any moment. And within a few paragraphs of posing the question we're worried whether we're under surveillance for raising such questions, and if we've said too much. Well, I guess we have the answer to our question about democracy right there. So much for freedom of speech.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 06:11PM Report Comment

21. indiablue19 said...

Dainty Diana
If we're comparing credentials, I hold dual citizenship American and British, and was born, raised and educated through University in the States, then worked there as a corporate entrepreneur there for more than a decade. But the day I saw 9/11 perpetrated, and a madman "elected" by stealth were too sad and terrifying to contemplate. I leave an entire family over there because I want my children to be raised as citizens of the world who aren't mesmerized by shopping in the Mall and Disneyland thinking. Having lived here for five years they would never go back and are seeking all the education and information they can gather in pursuit of a true united world community. They've recognized the truth of how much is eliminated from the American media, to the detriment of the people. And, in an equivalent way, how much is slanted in the media here. What TickTock says about naive Americans and their shock at the world hatred of them is only too true. This seems to be the case in the UK as well, just with different middle management at the controls. It is a media induced problem for all.

TickTock...your experience is a frightening caution to everyone; almost unbelievable that this can be happening in the so-called civilized world. It makes one wonder whether the conspirators headed for Heathrow ever did a thing.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 06:45PM Report Comment

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