Monday, Jul 24, 2006

You want fries with that degree?

Firstrung: Graduate job search not meeting expectations

According to research by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), a third of university graduates are in jobs that do not need a degree. Many are; stacking shelves, washing dishes, or working in bars. The agency said 34.4% of UK students who finished their first degrees in 2004-05 and went into full-time jobs were in "non-graduate" work.

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1. talking rot said...

Well what do you expect if they studied "Media Studies with Ancient Klingon"? It beats me why we need 50% of the population trained to degree level anyway. When the boiler in my home blew, my Landlord had a devil of a job finding people with real-world skills to fix the boiler and associated plumbing. I didn't pay him any rent that month as we didn't have any hot water. Seems fair to me!

Seriously though, if 50% of the population do attain a degree (some of dubious worth) that means 50% of the population does not have a degree. So what sort of jobs and life expectations can this latter 50% have when all the best jobs go to the graduates? Tony Bliars government does not value vocational skills. I hope his plumbing breaks mid-winter and he has water pouring down his stairs - then he'll appreciate the value of skilled craftmen.

Monday, July 24, 2006 10:54PM Report Comment

2. tyrellcorporation said...

This policy of trying to get 50% of people to get a degree has been a disaster. I think it serves New Labour well though on a number of fronts. It keeps the dole queues lower, it massively boosts the BTL/Landlord classes, it gives people additional read/write skills they need (and should have learnt whilst in secondary education), and most importantly (to New Labour), they can bask in the feelgood factor generated by every family across the land saying 'my little Jimmy is off to uni in September'. This is despite the fact the little Jimmy will unboubtedly be far worse off that if he had joined a local company and worked his way through the ranks, gaining experience as he went.

Statistics are trumped loudly by New Labour that over their lifetime graduates do better and earn more... yes but those graduates are the ones who graduated when the population coming out from unis was at about 10%. The drop-out rate is now appaling and speaking to lecturer friends I had when living in Oxon, the morale of lecturers is at an all-time low because of this lunatic 'bums-on-seats' policy and the fact that they end up teaching undergraduates how to speak, read and write before they get a chance to teach them something to do with the course!

The waste of money is on a biblical scale and it's not even like the people being churned out at the other end are high quality grduates who are going to take the fight to the Indians and Chinese...

I despair!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006 08:09AM Report Comment

3. Retiredbanker said...

What do you say to a graduate who has just obtained his first job?.

"I'll have a Big Mac and fries please".

Tuesday, July 25, 2006 02:46PM Report Comment

4. waitingfor hpc said...

new labour have failed everywhere. i am a graduate but got a real degree before they ruined a good system. People go to uni now who should not be there - and devalue the merit of achievment for those who got a real qualification.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006 04:08PM Report Comment

5. paul said...

I'm not sure that you folks here are understanding the issue.

Top companies don't recruit people with Business degrees from the University of Southwest Hull. In fact, they recruit at the same places they always did which is the top Universities. Now entrant standards to top Universities is another thing (declined) but the problem here is that the number of top companies hiring in the UK has fallen drastically in the last 15 years too.

Also, demographics play a much bigger role in your early career prospects than they are given credit for. That's the real reason these kids are stacking shelves and flipping burgers.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006 06:53PM Report Comment

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