Friday, Jul 21, 2006

More pressure to concrete over Britain

Firstrung: admits prices of new builds continues to fall

Despite the current overall shortage of properties on the market, the price of new apartments fell in June, suggesting that builders are being wrongly forced to build too many apartments and not enough houses. This fall reinforces concerns that during a time when the country is suffering from a lack of supply, too many apartments and high density properties are being developed, at the expense of family homes and the consumer.

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1. sebastian said...

I am sure many people feel the same but who in their right mind would spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on an apartment if you are planning on having a family at some point in the future? The price just isn't justified. Buying an apartment is dead money.

If they could be considered cheap to buy then I am sure many people wouldn't mind buying if they then felt they could move up the 'ladder' when the time arised. As it is everyone with an IQ above 1 realises that the chances on moving up the 'ladder' are still next to non existent apartment or not, the ladder is very broken. Why bother...There certianly doesn't seem to be a shortage of affordable housing to rent.

On the last street I lived on I think one family lived in a two bedroom house (2 kids I think), this involved the living room being used as a bedroom at night. I have no idea why they did this, I am guess it was so they could live in an area that is perceived as being well off (the house we rented on that street went for 178k)., either that or people are just stuck where they are.

Friday, July 21, 2006 04:24PM Report Comment

2. Autopilotengage said...

The term "concrete over" is such sensationalist scaremongering. This isn't the sixties. Why is everyone fretting that some property classes are falling to more affordable, realistic prices? What we should be worried about is that other property classes are not. Our population is growing rapidly and people need to get used to not being able to expect an entitlement to a detatched house with acres of land, or if they are not willing to change their expectations they should be willing to sacrifice a little green belt to get it. The thing is, the people who are worried about the green belt mostly are those who have already got a house they are reasonably happy with and don't want to see it's value fall.

Saturday, July 22, 2006 10:20AM Report Comment

3. The Bald Man said...

I believe the housing shortage is a myth created by builders and estate agents to perpetuate high prices and panic people into buying. I have a problem in understanding where the population is growing rapidly when we have an ageing population and falling school population. Once the hype is taken away and the crash starts there will be plenty of bargains available.

Saturday, July 22, 2006 10:49AM Report Comment

4. sebastian said...

People have it into their heads that we live on a tiny island and there is no land left in the UK, any green land is then sacred. Most people believe about 99% of this country is already built on highly amusing when you point out it is closer to 10%.

Saturday, July 22, 2006 11:53AM Report Comment

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