Tuesday, Jul 11, 2006

HIPS and the Tories

Firstrung: The Tory intention to scrap Home Information Packs (HIPs) will cost consumers over 300 million

Ahha, now we get it, it's simply anti anything that is perceived as Euro interference.....The Tory intention to scrap Home Information Packs (HIPs) will cost consumers over 300 million a year and will delay the EU directive on Energy performance.

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1. P. Doff said...

What a load of old tripe. Scraping the barrel here with a desperate angle on the 'HIPS are good' theme, and a political pop at the Tories thinly disguised as a green issue. It wouldn't be that bad if they had at least got the facts and figures right.
So, spending up to 1000 on a HIP (plus associated VAT for Gordon) when it becomes mandatory next year will actually save the consumer millions when compared with the alternative i.e. 150 or so on an energy report when mandatory in 2009. I don't think so.

And how much use do you think an energy report will be by itself, without some government interference or enforcement to act on the content. Human nature being what it is, homeowners would far rather spend money on something tangible like a new kitchen (with it's instant gratification and perceived added value), than spend money on some invisible item. Will the next step be to penalise those of us living in a less energy efficient homes by a surcharge on the council tax ? Will we then have the suited council inspector knocking on our door telling us that we have to increase our loft insulation to at least 12", fit double glazing, install cavity wall insulation, rip out a perfectly good central heating boiler and replace it with a condensing type, all at a cost of several thousand pounds (that the individual will never recover in energy savings during their period of ownership).

The greener readers may think that the above type of enforcement is a good idea, and in many respects it might be. However, some aspects of the energy efficiency of a building relate to the style (e.g. terraced houses and flats more efficient than semis etc); the type of construction (non cavity 9" walls on older houses less efficient than 11" cavity). Not many will appreciate that the desireable 'light an airy' house with more windows comes with an energy penalty, and fewer will know that houses with open fireplaces are less energy efficient than those without.

If this government genuinely wants to improve energy efficiency perhaps the answer would be to embark on a media campaign to raise public awareness, and then offer incentives and 100% grants to carry out the improvements. The existing grants towards loft insulation simply don't go far enough. Of couse, the money still has to come from somewhere doesn't it and I can see those of us who have made at least some attempt at energy saving subsidising those that can't be bothered. Still, that's life in the socialist world isn't it.

There is obviously an element of paranioa with some of the conspiracy theorists on this website, but when I read articles like this I start to feel that they may have a point when suggesting how the masses are manipulated by misinformation and spin.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006 12:53AM Report Comment

2. Richard said...

More uninformed information regarding HIPS - P Doff if cost is an issue you will be please to know Hips will cost no where near the 1000 you quote. You seem happy with the "150 or so on the Energy report so relax ! Working within the industry I can inform you the pack will cost roughly 300 from a good provider, and many agents will still offer no sale no fee to the homeowner.
Also If the Energy reports are of little use on there own then we are lucky the Packs will also include Searches, title documents & Leashold information.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007 09:37AM Report Comment

3. Chris said...

The biggest problem with HIPs is the searches in the packs, unless they are local authority searches and not the generic ones from eh hip providers. You buyers solicitor will refuse to accept them

Incurring more costs and delays.

There is no way you can get a pack for 300, considering that some local authorities charge over 280 alone.

Sunday, June 3, 2007 07:44PM Report Comment

4. P R Hudson said...

HIPs are very unlikely to deliver the benefits that have been suggested - they will add to costs and paper work rather than reduce it. But why is the government involved in a private transaction between two parties? House have been bought and sold for hundreds of years without the government dictating how the process should work.

The government's record of involvement with systems is appalling (NHS, Tax Credits etc.). It is astonishing that the government has the arrogance to believe that it can improve the system - 9 years on, 7,000,000.00 spent (not including civil servants's time) the results speak for themselves.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007 12:51PM Report Comment

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