Thursday, July 20, 2006

Another mad policy bites the dust !

Homes reprieved as mass demolition plans frozen

LIVERPOOL'S plans to bulldoze 3,000 terraced houses as part of the biggest clearance programme for 40 years, lay in tatters last night, jubilant critics claimed.

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8 thoughts on “Another mad policy bites the dust !

  • tyrellcorporation says:

    Can someone please explain to me how John Prescott still has a job? …a job on £130k a year at that?!?

    Good to see that this lunatic idea is on the rocks though…

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  • Because, believe it or not, he is actualy very, very good at his job.

    Nobody hates New Labour more than me I can assure you, but surely I’m not the only one to notice the ‘political sea change’ that has taken place since Mr. Murdoch changed sides and decided that the evil empire would now back Davey C?

    The Government is now implementing every Sun/ News of the World suggestion in order to win back Ruppert’s affection, and as a result, we’ll all have to live with the concequences of having a corrupt, tabloid (fascist?) Government.

    Prescott is what he is, but should not be underestimated as a politician, nor as a person. He is a good man

    P.S. With reference to the story, if anyone wishes to understand why housing is being demolished during a ‘housing crisis’, they should study the normal REIT business plan. Construction from scratch is an essential part of these schemes. When REITS arrive in January, it is expected that housing associations will begin construction under the REIT business plan structure, and dramaticaly increase the volumes of social housing (did you get that BTL’ers?) This is what the ‘path finder’ schemes are all about, this is why so many houses are currently standing empty, and this is why there are large plots of cleared building land everywhere on which construction has yet to begin.

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  • Retiredbanker says:


    Prescott good at his job?, I have yet to meet anybody who can work out exactly what he does, apart from having an affair with a member
    of his staff, running 2 Jags, and hanging on to properties to which he is no longer entitled.

    When labour was in opposition good old honest John P. was always loudly denouncing Tory sleaze, and has now been shown to be a
    thorough hypocrite, along with Blair and Brown who have also adopted policies for which they once criticised the Conservatives.

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  • Tick Tock
    That’s all well and good, but those of us standing by in the wings of this insane financial drama, probably aren’t candidates for REIT investment, nor for social housing. We are looking for government policy that gives a fair shake to those who work hard all their lives, save their money, pay their taxes, live in their means, and could, under normal conditions and within a more moral financial environment, afford a home of our own.

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  • Because or democracy is corrupt to the core and pretty unaccountable and please remember Prezza is a sell out of the highest order!

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  • Perhaps he could be seconded to the MPC?

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  • R.B. –
    His personal failings are numerous granted, and it could well be that the relationship with the Yank is too much for him to be able to remain in his post.It certainly doesn’t look good does it?
    However, I can assure you (as a member of the ‘real’ labour movement) that prescott has done much good work albiet of a ‘behind the scenes’ type. It will be very sad if it transpires that he has indeed betrayed his cause.
    All I am saying, as I’m sure you already well understand, is that nobody should swallow whole heartedly the bile that the British Media spout about people, particularly with regard to politics.

    Indiablue – Forgive me if my concern for those with no home, and a below average income, has a greater prominance in my thinking than does the plight of the (previously) Middle class, who are now it seems beginning to realise for the first time how frustrating being shafted by Government can be.
    I’m sure that you don’t really mean to suggest that you have it tougher than the working class, who have been making similar arguements for many years.
    Welcome to the jungle as it were.

    Miniftse – Rotton to the core indeed. But you clearly still think that we live in a democracy of some sort? You have further to travel my friend.

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  • Autopilotengage says:

    “Compulsory purchase” prices were no doubt proving tough negotiation. It’s been a problem here in Oldham where they’ve been planning to clear homes for the “Metro Link”. Another problem with sky-high house prices; damn cheek of people wanting a fair market price for their homes!

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