Thursday, Jun 01, 2006

House prices headlng down once more

Financial Times: House price revival may be short-lived

Recent reports suggest that recent house price rises have run out of steam and that further falls are just around the corner.

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1. Sebastian said...

The change in tune of headlines over the last week as been astounding, is something about to happen that may impact house prices? hmm....

Give it a week and they will be boasting away again no doubt. Which way do they want it? Why are massive increases great but possible decreases which would balance things out a nightmare situation? Not sure what is meant by further falls? Overall the current rise in prices has been above what they were predicting from what I have gathered.

"Spider trapped in it's own web", I like that one.

Friday, June 2, 2006 10:42AM Report Comment

2. Distant_daz said...

"The latest data suggest that expectations of a rise in the cost of borrowing may be taking its toll on the property market and household spending."

If people's decision as to whether they buy a house or not depends on the possibility of a 0.25 % increase in the base rate then THEY CLEARLY SHOULDNT EVEN BE CONSIDERING BUYING AS THEY CANNOT AFFORD TOO!! FFS, are they not expecting that base rate will change during the 25 year or so term of their mortgage??? Are they not factoring in a buffer zone of say 2-3 % AT LEAST???? Jesus. I just cant believe that a couple of months of data suggesting a (very small) increase in interest makes such a difference to peoples ability to buy it clearly shows how f****ed up peoples finances are. Personally, I hope there are a series of interest rate increases in the short to medium term - I think this is quite likely. Where are all the VIs banging on about fundamentals now??

Friday, June 2, 2006 11:47AM Report Comment

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