Thursday, May 18, 2006

Death to the estate agent!

Will internet kill off estate agents?

Enjoyed reading this! Surely the estate agents days are numbered now... after BBC's Whistleblower there are calls for regulation and in surveys everyone seems to want to see the back of them. They charge too much for just lying and doing nothing. Surely we will all sell our houses on the internet soon anyway?

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6 thoughts on “Death to the estate agent!

  • What a load of nonsense !

    Sold my estate agency business 5 years ago and I can honestly say that out of thousands of sales we always acted in good faith as do the vast majority of agents.

    The problem is that when a sale is acheived it all looks so easy from the outside, I can gurantee you that if agents were removed from the transaction in the majority of cases there would be chaos.

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  • talking rot says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article. If only it happens.

    I wonder to what extent is the current house price boom due to Estate Agents forcing the market up to satify their 1.5% greed. I also wonder how many dodgey houses have been sold at inflated prices to give the appearance that the local area is an expensive area. Ultimately, the removal of Estate Agents might bring sanity back to the market over a period of time.

    Will ADSA be any better?

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  • Storeman – I know my experiences don’t necessarily apply to the market, but myself and my partner sold our houses at the same time to go travelling a while back. She did hers privately and I did mine through an agent. I could rant for hours about the trouble I had, yet my partner sold her house, for asking price, with no issues whatsoever and on a total budget of about 50 quid. I spent several thousands of pounds and came close to a breakdown. If my experiences are a result of estate agents ‘helping’, then quite frankly they can not only be put out of business but dragged outside and shot as far as I’m concerned.

    I have vowed never to sell through an agent again, and will make every effort to buy (after the crash) privately as well.

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  • Homesonsale says:

    I think there will always be some people for whom Estate Agents will provide a service, however I run a popular 100% free property website. It has been a slow process to change people mindset from using the traditional route, but people are changing their attitude and trying to sell their property themselves.

    I think the internet does help to get interest in your property – but the easiest way to sell your house for under £40 is use a for sale board! People often drive around the areas of a town looking for property for sale. Also if an estate agency has boards on your street they will help you sell it – in fact they will do all the advertising for you. You put up a board then someone looking at an estate agents offering sees it and gets in touch.

    We sold up in 2004 and did so through my own board – the buyer could not get over how easy the communication was. Our buyer had been gazumpped 3 times and was £1300 down through survey costs etc when she came to view our house. We even got asked if we would consider bumping her off by someone wanting to pay more. The only hassle we both had was our Solicitors delaying things through inadequacy.


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  • uncle chris says:

    Sadly, I also had dreadful problems with my estate agent during the sale of my house in Scotland last year. Due to their incompetence, my sale was delayed around 3 months and it ended up with the buyer and myself having to contact each other directly to move things forward. And quite frankly I don’t trust a word estate agents say, and I would guess that would apply to anyone who works on commission. There is just cause why Estate Agents are down there with Politicians and Personal Injury solicitors, as the most distrusted professions – roll on Asda.

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  • Northernlad says:

    get rid of ’em

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