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Saturday, January 1, 2005

UK economy cries out for credible rescue plan

The Times: UK economy cries out for credible rescue plan

"IT IS now clear that the UK economy entered the recession with a large structural budget deficit."

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Parents should use home as collateral for student loans...

The Times: Parents should use home as collateral for student loans, says think-tank

"Middle-class parents should be forced to put up their house as collateral against their children’s student loans, according to a report into university funding. The think-tank Policy Exchange also recommends an interest-charging private loans scheme for wealthy students which would be repaid once they left university, rather than when they reach an earnings threshold."

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Are Recessions Deflationary?

Ludwig Von Mises Institute: Are Recessions Deflationary?

View graphOr, falling supply will magnify general price inflation that is currently being caused by the vast quantity of dollars, pounds and euro\'s being printed to bail out the banks. Highly leveraged assets like houses and stocks may well fall as a result of the repricing of risk. However, assets subject to unleveraged speculation, e.g. gold, wheat, oil, rice, etc will rise, with goods and services paid for in cash, as a result of the continued monetary expansion, which caused the bubbles and underpricing of risk in the first place, correction of which is bringing down giants, currently being bailed out, that caused the problem in the first place.

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