How Much Does It Cost To Move A Boiler To A New Location?

Need to move your boiler location but unsure about how much it will cost. We have spoken to a number of heating engineers and put together this quick 3 minute guide detailing all associated costs of moving boilers! Hope this helps

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Boiler?

To move the boiler from its original location to a new location in your home will cost circa £500 ‘all in’ so that includes any parts and labour. However £500 was the average price we received from engineers we surveyed and the range was £325-£750. It really does depend on distance.  If you wanted to move your boiler just a few feet for instance from one wall in the kitchen to another, it would be the lower end of those estimates, around £300-£500. These types of moves are very common after extensions, when you have increased the size of the kitchen. A £750 boiler move would be when you want to move a boiler from one side of the house to the other. So for instance moving a boiler from an upstairs bathroom to the kitchen downstairs. This would involve a fair amount of work, like drilling through walls and obviously all the pipework involved with such a move. What we advise is actually get your own fixed quote online for a boiler relocation and the best place to do that is here. The most cost effective way, if you currently have an old boiler, is to replace and move the boiler at the same time. For this, use an online boiler installer like Heatable. They have teamed up with the best brands, done away with any sales team and operate solely online, meaning they can do the best deals on the internet, fitting including.  But why we really like them is they don’t mess you around, use their online clickable multichoice form and in under 2 mins you’ll have a FIXED quote for a new boiler. Plus they offer finance on everything and if you order before 3pm they will fit them the very next day.  This is the deal we found using them:

Costs: Replace Boiler AND Move It To A New Location

To replace your boiler and move the location at the same time is much more cost effective and something you should really think about if your boiler isn’t new. Because depending on the distance you need it moving, it could be as cheap as £100 to move it when replacing it aswell. 

One of the key reasons is labour. If you already have a Gas Safe engineer at your home it makes sense for a new boiler install, as you already have in effect paid around 20-30% of the total labour cost getting the engineer there for just that.

For the best fixed prices, including fitting, we used Heatable. Just fill out their clickable multichoice boiler survey and see fixed prices on screen infront of you. No personal details or mucking around, just fixed prices on boilers, installed the next day with finance available. 

Do Costs Vary To Relocate Gas, Oil & LPG Boilers?

The fuel type of the boiler has no bearing on the cost to relocate it. The bulk of the costs to relocate any boiler is labour and then the pipework. 

As you can imagine, your local heating engineers will charge different prices for undertaking the work. This is the nature of quoting and another reason we recommend you try here as you will get a fixed price

The only time costs could spiral is if the heating engineer has to get an electrician or carpenter  out to make the new location suitable for a boiler. 

The other time you could see prices increased is if your boiler is very heavy. The heaviest boilers are oil boilers and are typically unliftable by one person as they can be around 100kg. 

The boiler engineer will require help, usually in the form of a labourer or even two labourers. 

What Affects The Costs When Moving A Boiler?

Heating engineers charge for their time; so the longer the job will take the more they will charge. The same is true for materials, the more materials that are required the higher the quote will be. 

The most common location moves are:

  • Into the loft
  • Upstairs
  • Downstairs [bathroom to kitchen]
  • Due to an extension 
  • Into another room
  • Into the garage
  • Utility Room

Additional Flues & Extensions  

There are two types of flues from a boiler, a horizontal flue and a vertical flue. 

A horizontal flue comes out of the side of a wall. A vertical flue goes straight up ‘vertically’ out the roof. 

The job of the flue is to funnel exhaust fumes from the boiler to the outside. Boilers burn gas and the by-product is toxic and therefore dangerous to humans. The flue therefore has a really important job, to get rid of those nasty fumes.

Changing the flue type from one to another [i.e from a horizontal flue to a vertical flue] could require an additional flue and subsequent extensions – depending on the distance from the boiler to the outside. 

Flues are circa £100 to purchase and flue extensions are typically £50 each. 

Additional Pipework

We have covered labour, it’s simple the more that’s required the higher the costs. The pipework is another factor that really affects the overall cost. Since Covid, prices of copper have increased and all the pipes that gas fitters use are copper. So yet again the more pipe work that’s required the more costs you will incur. Plus the engineers time to lay the pipes, as the floorboards could have to be taken up and then put back down. 

Extra Work

All properties are different from room sizes, wall thickness, roof/ceiling height, layout – the list is endless. 

A vertical flue will have to poke through the roof, which is standard practise by isn’t always easy and requires time. A vertical flue has to exit via the wall and the hole for it to exit via will have to be made. Again this is standard practice but all takes time.

How Long Does It Take To Move A Boiler To A Different Location?

Obviously not long, perhaps only a few hours if it’s only moving a few feet and will retain the same flue. It will just require some additional pipework and its job done. 

Typically however, a full boiler move i.e more than a few feet, will take 2 days. If you have been quoted significantly longer than 2 days for a straight forward job then ask your quoting engineer why this is the case and be sure to get a definitive answer

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Boiler Downstairs?

This will cost the higher end of those estimates, between £400-£750 depending on the distance that the boiler has to travel, or in other words the size of your house. This should take a heating engineer 2 days to complete. Things that will reduce the costs of moving a boiler downstairs is if the original flue can be used and/or any existing pipework. 

Should You Move An Old Boiler Or Replace It With A New One?

If your current boiler is relatively new and still under warranty then the 500 ‘ish’ pounds to move it could make sense. 

If your boiler is more than a few years old or not under warranty then I’d seriously consider a new boiler fitted by someone affordable like Heatable who does deals on Worcesters, Ideals, Baxi’s & Viessmann’s. 

Just jump straight onto google and you will see you can pick up new boilers [obviously not including fitting] for around £800 so why would you spend £500 to move an old one? Just buy new.

Still Unsure? New Boiler Efficiencies & Warranties

If you’re still unsure about whether to move your existing boiler or replace it with a new one in a different location, then warranty and efficiency will probably swing it. 

An old boiler ‘vs’ a new boiler is a whole different kettle of fish. The warranty attached to new boilers when you get them installed through Heatable is 10 years on a Worcester Bosch! That’s 10 years of no headaches or worries about heating or hot water. 

Heating accounts for 53% of energy bills per year [according to the Energy Saving Trust] they also state that swapping an old G rated boiler for a modern 92% efficient one will save you on average £155 per year in heating bills. 

So ‘tot’ that saving up over a decade and you’ve nearly paid for the new boiler from those savings alone. It should be starting to look like a no-brainer. Plus new boilers have all the green credentials, being eco friendly.

Availability of parts for old boilers is going to be another factor that will become an ever growing factor. Put simply as boilers age their parts aren’t always in plentiful supply. Those parts if engineers can find them also rocket up in price as their availability becomes more scarce. 

To make matters worse some manufacturers will discontinue some boiler models making it even harder and sometimes impossible to source parts. 

Financing A New Boiler

The most common response for constantly having to fork out for boiler repairs is ‘we haven’t the money for a new boiler’. This in a sense justifies lots of little fixes other the years as a few hundred quid ‘isn’t as bad’ as paying for a new one in one lump sum. And, well, uptil finance options became available I’d agree with that.

So now you can stop that, as you have probably spent the cost of a new boiler on repairs over the years anyway. For under £20 per month you can now get a Worcester Bosch boiler with a 10 year warranty when fitted through Heatable, free system clean and system filter all with next day fitting.

Don’t believe me? Well check out this deal below, we were above to get a brand new Worcester Bosch for under 2 grand fully fitted: