Housing Equity Withdrawal (previously called Mortgage Equity Withdrawal)

Spend, spend, spend. New cars, exotic holidays…the list goes on. The British homeowner released vast amounts of equity from their homes and went on a spending spree. This meant that we did not have the recession in 2001 which we should have done and also meant that the housing market was inflated even further which makes a major correction extremely probable.

Now people have stopped withdrawing equity sharply and we are seeing the consumer led recession on the high street. When you look at this graph it’s easy to see why.

The big question is, have people run out of equity to cash in or has a dose of realism set in?

Source: Bank of England
Last updated: 02/04/2015
Next update:   03/07/2015

Housing Equity Withdrawal (£m)
Official Releases
Q4 2014-12,998N/A
Q3 2014-12,183N/A
Q2 2014-10,811N/A
Q1 2014-11,90303/07/2014
Q4 2013-10,62603/04/2014
Q3 2013-10,40330/12/2013
Q2 2013-12,50802/10/2013
Q1 2013-8,81803/07/2013
Q4 2012-8,60603/04/2013
Q3 2012-8,04331/12/2012
Q2 2012-9,82903/10/2012
Q1 2012-8,81104/07/2012
Q4 2011-8,47302/04/2012
Q3 2011-8,56130/12/2011
Q2 2011-9,14630/11/2011
Q1 2011-5,83204/07/2011
Q4 2010-7,02004/04/2011
Q3 2010-6,05429/12/2010
Q2 2010-6,18801/10/2010
Q1 2010-3,20415/07/2010
Q4 2009-4,03806/04/2010
Q3 2009-4,91029/12/2009
Q2 2009-6,99602/10/2009
Q1 2009-8,14103/07/2009
Q4 2008-8,01801/04/2009
Q3 2008-5,69529/12/2008
Q2 2008-2,76003/10/2008
Q1 20085,04302/07/2008
Q4 20077,28102/04/2008
Q3 200710,52727/12/2007
Q2 200710,08101/10/2007
Q1 200712,97104/07/2007
Q4 200613,35602/04/2007
Q3 200611,80129/12/2006
Q2 200612,22130/06/2006
Q1 200611,09931/03/2006
Q4 200511,33131/12/2005
Q3 20059,633N/A
Q2 200510,022N/A
Q1 20056,253N/A
Q4 20047,719N/A
Q3 200412,138N/A
Q2 200413,736N/A
Q1 200415,969N/A
Q4 200317,136N/A
Q3 200314,312N/A
Q2 200312,251N/A
Q1 200313,531N/A
Q4 200212,445N/A
Q3 200210,938N/A
Q2 20028,183N/A
Q1 20027,885N/A
Q4 20016,212N/A
Q3 20015,623N/A
Q2 20015,238N/A
Q1 20013,708N/A
Q4 20003,280N/A
Q3 20002,940N/A
Q2 20003,220N/A
Q1 20002,614N/A
Q4 19992,974N/A
Q3 19993,621N/A
Q2 19993,004N/A
Q1 1999295N/A
Q4 1998386N/A
Q3 1998415N/A
Q2 1998-281N/A
Q1 1998-305N/A
Q4 1997-326N/A
Q3 1997-211N/A
Q2 1997-170N/A
Q1 1997157N/A
Q4 1996-476N/A
Q3 1996-1,284N/A
Q2 1996-885N/A
Q1 1996-933N/A
Q4 1995-1,444N/A
Q3 1995-1,309N/A
Q2 1995-1,433N/A
Q1 1995-875N/A
Q4 1994-308N/A
Q3 1994327N/A
Q2 1994852N/A
Q1 1994-161N/A
Q4 19931,178N/A
Q3 199385N/A
Q2 1993-167N/A
Q1 1993-21N/A
Q4 1992-836N/A
Q3 19921,283N/A
Q2 19921,366N/A
Q1 19921,895N/A
Q4 19912,054N/A
Q3 19912,526N/A
Q2 19912,996N/A
Q1 19913,305N/A
Q4 19903,802N/A
Q3 19903,260N/A
Q2 19904,041N/A
Q1 19904,729N/A
Q4 19894,756N/A
Q3 19893,597N/A
Q2 19892,959N/A
Q1 19892,282N/A
Q4 19883,602N/A
Q3 19885,982N/A
Q2 19884,751N/A
Q1 19884,701N/A
Q4 19874,630N/A
Q3 19873,315N/A
Q2 19873,042N/A
Q1 19873,003N/A
Q4 19864,042N/A
Q3 19864,146N/A
Q2 19863,853N/A
Q1 19862,943N/A
Q4 19852,731N/A
Q3 19852,459N/A
Q2 19851,902N/A
Q1 19852,405N/A
Q4 19841,901N/A
Q3 19842,097N/A
Q2 19842,461N/A
Q1 19842,232N/A