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  3. Fair play, I got my dates wrong. What I was hamfistedly trying to capture was elegantly done by Ah-so.
  4. "It could be my postman playing a joke on me' My postman has never steamed open any of my letters, and inserted extraneous material. Am I missing out?
  5. Gc-MAF. Well mentioned. A protein we all have naturally, but deplete in cancer patients. Glad you said it. I would have said along similar lines, that we all have cancerous cells. I avoid saying some things like that though because it would be more likely for someone to call me a fruitcake, not that I mind that. It's more weaning onto what I say, can't go too fast. LOL Cancer occurs because sh1t happens? Ask Bayer if they regret buying Monsanto's hot potatoes. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/05/13/bayer-loses-lawsuit-that-claims-weedkiller-roundup-causes-cancer.html
  6. If we leave the EU in any shape or form we are over the cliff edge. Hopefully, neither the Tories, nor Labour will survive, they certainly don't deserve to. If we end up out of the EU then we should fix the broken electoral system that let it happen, adopt a system of direct democracy and immediately hold a referendum on rejoining the EU. Terms to include the Euro and Schengen, which may be acceptable to the EU 27.
  7. Agreed re. positive spin in Aberdeen. They only have 10 properties for sale in Aberdeen, definitely an insignificant estate agent compared to ACo. Surveyors in Aberdeen still unrealistic especially for family homes of 4+ beds. Knock 10% off their valuations and the market will start moving.
  8. As we've both said before, before any talks were to be resumed, then the Irish border, money & citizens rights need to be resolved first.
  9. So the successful and educated voted remain by a large number. One could say if you keep this line of remain equals a educated decision and the right one you may convince those leavers by peer pressure and human nature to conform to the norm. Voting leave was silly your not stupid are you.
  10. Ok so we are basically agreeing. I do however see a possibility of us heading right up to and maybe briefly over the cliff edge of a no deal Brexit and then having to back peddle and accept whatever get out the EU give us. It would be a huge national humiliation that the Tories would find difficult to survive but hard to see how they avoid it given that May's deal is now even less popular. Just maybe the best thing their new leader could do assist the parties survival would be hold and lose a GE. Although given Labour's current performance losing it might not be that easy.
  11. How does overthrowing a democratic vote hold politicians to account? There is no "cliff edge", this has gone on for three years now and it has been an obvious (failed) attempt to stop Brexit so far. If you don`t think that the Tory party are now going to embrace No Deal then I think you are talking bollux, they fear Farage far more than they fear the so called No Deal scenario. Of course we need to see what happens at this weeks elections, that will set the course for the near future.
  12. I worked briefly in a job centre In 1996. I went in to sign on and they said they had an admin job I could do... but if I turned it down they wouldn't pay me any benefits. Just the way to encourage skilled, motivated staff. This was back in the days of paper files and my job was to go through the filing cabinets and properly file peoples case files, most permanent staff there spelt phonetically and, for example, would file Phillips under F for 'Fillips'.
  13. Again you miss my point. WTO will not, in my opinion, be allowed to happen, but if it is taken off the table then a watered down Brexit might happen. This is beginning to dawn on the Brexiteers who are now backpedalling and looking for a deal they can get behind. A choice between WTO and revoking A50 will likely see us remaining in the EU, but a choice between BRINO and remain is anyone's guess, so WTO (hard Brexit) must stay as an option, which is why my choices are Remain and WTO, in that order. All in my opinion of course.
  14. Always thought the game was up when Ford walked away; if Ford couldn't make JLR work then no-one could. But even Ford is hurting. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/may/20/ford-motor-company-cut-7000-jobs-500-uk
  15. Amazing, isn't it? I read (on HPC I think) ages ago about how Gordon Brown did his (MSc? Phd? Some kind of super special extra degree that makes him more educateder than most) on some (Scottish?) socialist that he wanted to emulate [sorry to be hazy on the details, happy to research & provide fuller, referenced links if asked]. He - IIRC - wanted to improve the world/UK as much as his hero had done. What's the mechanism that converts such an idealist to a bankers' tool?
  16. I was expecting someone to point this out but the truth can only be found when there is a control subject of an amount of un-vaccinated children equal to, or more than those who are vaccinated. If, in such a situation, more vaccinated children get whooping cough once the the vaccination had "worn off" this would be rather telling. The papers on this tend to argue for more vaccinations so it is unlikely they will want to look into that.
  17. A bit tame maybe ? If you haven’t noticed they are problematic yet I’m not sure simply calling them bigots will cut it.
  18. Of course! Brown might have been a more reluctant convert to the neoliberal cause than Blair but he was every bit as committed once on board. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/financialcrisis/4808373/Gordon-Brown-helped-fuel-banking-crisis-FSA-head.html
  19. How do you do deals PDQ. Trade deals are inherently complex with thousands of stakeholders/lobby groups on each side and tens of thousands of issues to be needing to identified and resolved. You also have to make sure that your proposed deal does not conflict with your counterparties existing mesh of deals. Once the reality of a no deal/WTO exit dawns on its proponents, we will find ourselves back paying for a transition period (some of the brighter Brexiters have already suggested this) to retain access to our existing trade deals and spending many years negotiating new arrangements with the same constraints that shaped May's WA.
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  • 192 Brexit, House prices and Summer 2020

    1. 1. Including the effects Brexit, where do you think average UK house prices will be relative to now in June 2020?

      • down 5% +
      • down 2.5%
      • Even
      • up 2.5%
      • up 5%

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