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  2. The first problem with extensions is that they invariably steal the next door neighbours' light, in particular sunlight, making neighbours miserable and angry. The second problem is that it just means there is more space to heat with environmentally unfriendly gas boilers. Unless the extension actually houses more people, it is an inefficient use of scarce resources (land, light, building materials, heating fuels).
  3. Trouble is there are thousands of people like him. The public have been brainwashed to what people earn. Graduates earning 40k thinking they have struck the jack pot.
  4. Stewart said that he could not support Boris because Boris told him face to face that he would not allow a no deal Brexit two days before going public with "we must leave deal or no deal in October". We have about 500MPs who oppose a no deal Brexit. How exactly do you propose to sack them, far more likely they would sack anyone brainless enough to try to push a no deal Brexit through.
  5. So he earns more than £5200 PER WEEK just for writing a few hundred words!!??? Pun not intended, but........ Words fail me at this point! 😟
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  7. While nobody has suggested taking high dose vitamin C for normal healthy people, this is true so long as you can get it from your diet. A theory as to why humans can't make their own Vit C is that becoming a / the dominant species, we had easy access to more kinds of food, reducing the need to produce our own Vit C.
  8. I doubt she would want to get involved in this. I personally think the UK constitutional system need a major clean up and written rules. The current situation is just not fit for purpose. For an example a lack of electronic voting in Commons is just outrageous, they waste so much time.
  9. The Amish refuse vaccinations and have near zero rates of autism. https://www.ageofautism.com/2012/05/dan-olmsted-the-amish-all-over-again.html Are also remarkably immune from allergies. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-kidsallergies/amish-farm-kids-remarkably-immune-to-allergies-study-idUSBRE8431J920120504
  10. Supplemental ascorbate in terminally ill cancer patients https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/279931 "A study has been made of the survival times of 100 terminal cancer patients who were given supplemental ascorbate, usually 10 g/day......The ascorbate-treated patients were found to have a mean survival time about 300 days greater than that of the controls." I think found the study you are referring to. As you’ve not bothered to find it I’ll just go one better than you and link a layman’s article about the study, with poignant quote from it. https://cancerthefacts.com/risk-reduction/high-risk-foods/b-vitamins-smoking-raises-lung-cancer-risk-men/ “The most important precaution for lowering cancer risk is to stop smoking and to never start.......The researchers on this study also found that men who quit smoking for at least 10 years before the study, while still taking high doses of B vitamins, did not have a higher risk of lung cancer. The risk for these men was actually equal to those who had never smoked.” Smoking is lethal. I also found this one for non-smokers from Jan 2019: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30705384 "Higher levels of vitamin C concentrations as a marker of high fruit and vegetable consumption reduces the risk of cancerous and non-cancerous respiratory illnesses including non-smoking-related cancer incidence and deaths." One way to help quit smoking is to exercise and therefore make cigarettes contradictory, undoing your hard work. Trans Atlantic Trade Partnership (TTIP) Unless I also have the views of the doctors who applied the Proton beam therapy, I will not start to perceive that I have balanced information to make a judgement. There is also the factor that once you have had the parents arrested and threatened with jail there will be a strong motive to stick to a narrative. Aside from that, compared to Radiation, Proton Beam therapy compares favourably for hearing loss five years after, as well as for cognitive impairment. ….and avoid losing their job. Thanks I’ll mention that to Dr. Qi Chen and tell him that he is wrong. Someone who works for a drug company told me so. You also miss a lot out in the whole process, such as permission for funding, disparate thresholds for approval due to bias, Ghost writers, or getting it approved by regulators who are 100% funded by the pharmaceutical industry. But not least, all of which could be summarized under “corruption”. http://www.psychiatriapolska.pl/uploads/images/PP_6_2017/ENGver993Amsterdam_PsychiatrPol2017v51i6.pdf https://ethics.harvard.edu/pharmaceutical-industry-institutional-corruption-and-public-health https://www.nytimes.com/2014/11/19/opinion/how-medical-care-is-being-corrupted.html https://www.bmj.com/content/348/bmj.g4184 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1383755/ https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/science-sting-exposes-corrupt-journal-publishers/?redirect=1 https://www.hg.org/legal-articles/experts-say-medical-practice-corrupted-by-pharmaceutical-industry-31773
  11. It is not only my amateurish conclusion, some political commentators have analysed this already, as far as I remember Peston was one of them. The described earlier situation could have happened in March, if TM had wanted to leave with no deal. Luckily she didn't. The next time, with a hard Leaver PM, could be a different story. My point is that even if MPs don't want a no-deal Brexit and technically can block it, it can happen by an accident.
  12. Has been on the cards for a while, I think it will be the start of many of these peer to peer providers to go bust. The platform revenue is front-loaded so they have to continue originating/selling new loans constantly to keep up. The loan quality is poor to start with on these platforms, but the need to originate new loans makes it worse. The interest rates are so high on these things that only crooks, poor credit borrowers, or failed developers who want one last throw of the dice before they go bust would borrow from them.
  13. True. It may bring more activity to their site, marketplace, etc as well though. With these services it’s all about bringing more traffic/use. Who knows, but I’m sure there’s a future profitable motive behind it.
  14. Yes, it's nothing to do with the people any more. UK politics are a dysfunctional shitshow run by power-hungry leaders pushing policy they don't believe in putting their parties first.
  15. More rubbish and fantasy. Northern Ireland voted to remain. You can keep on telling your made-up stories in your head. But the brain appreciates some truth in its diet.
  16. We go to GE and A50 likely gets extended. Again. I describe myself as a ‘revoker’ now not as a route to remain but because Leave is now hopelessly dysfunctional. Pandering to fanatics, gun to the head whatever hasn’t worked. Grow a pair and Feck the populists: Revoke and get your sh1t together.
  17. I heard that the process for the new PM wouldn't be completed until late July..which would typically run straight into summer recess..although the SR isn't yet listed here... https://www.parliament.uk/about/faqs/house-of-commons-faqs/business-faq-page/recess-dates/
  18. The Tories are currently struggling to get into double figures in opinion polls. PM Corbyn is very much on the cards.
  19. It's not as simple as "the left vote is fragmented". In Lib Dem target seats they are usually up against the Tories. In Labour target seats they are usually up against the Tories. There are vanishingly few Labour-LD marginals or 3 way marginals.
  20. It's definitely tight. Working through the logic I wonder if that means that assuming a no deal PM wins the Tory leadership and MPs cannot prevent a summer recess then they need to hold the no confidence vote before the summer.
  21. Had a think about that photo and while the Galloway bit is a highly distracting WTF?!? it’s more disturbing Bannon appears to be so desperately engaged in manipulating our politics. i mean Leavers are still crying about Obama. At least he told us straight what he thought rather than actively going about fecking up our democracy.
  22. It is, apart from the odd exception, like Galloway and Hooey, though she is in NI which is a different kettle of fish entirely, they are more leave there than you in England like to know.
  23. They can turn this around if they deliver a swift complete brexit on no deal terms.The left vote is as fragmented as I say and will get worse as they all have a hissy fit over a no deal brexit, which is actually the brexit we voted for. Nobody voted for a deal they just voted to leave, end of.
  24. Even if it was triggered the day after returning, you're looking 14 days, then around six week build up to a GE, then, say Corbyn would have to come back to parliament with a coherent plan, voted on, passed, then back to the EU... You could also find parliament littered with Brexit Party MPs, willing to vote against it...
  25. Agreed: there’s the batshit Brexit the serfs are being propagandised with, the referendum Brexit which never existed anyway , and I guess some sort of Flexcit following some kind of strategy purporting to be in the national interest. I don’t agree with your authoritarian RW gibberish though - the party should try to represent its voters not kick MPs out because RW populista like the idea. I understand their dilemma but all the same look at the mess Labour is getting itself into trying to support Brexit against the will of its voters.
  26. Does The Queen have the constitutional power to dismiss a PM and appoint another? According to this, she does... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reserve_power
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    1. 1. Including the effects Brexit, where do you think average UK house prices will be relative to now in June 2020?

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