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  2. Very funny Dave. Nice one. although I am not certain you knew it was funny when you wrote it.
  3. Not going to run. More brown people as Modi has already indicated he wants no hassle immigrant status for India. Farage will just Photoshop his "Breaking Point" poster and all his little people will get even more full of hate. Secondly, we have a climate crisis. The further physical goods get way from us - the more damaging it becomes. Forget it, India, China and the USA are all worse options as a trade block than the EU from the UK perspective. Iceland and the Faroe Islands are going to make up for it though.
  4. Of course, silly me, I forgot, new evidence can only be considered after the condemned man has been hanged .
  5. "cheered on by the sort of people who I wouldn't be surprised to call for the results of the next general election to be ignored if they don't get the result they want." Pretty much what the Democrats in the US are all about 🙂 .. Impeach Him ...Impeach Him....Russians Russians Democrats they don;t know the meaning of the word.....look at the lengths they go to...how that woman was ever allowed to take the stand with no criminal charges or conviction is beyond me...made up baloney from 30 years ago.....
  6. Have we heard anything from Farage about British Steel, for instance? Massive Leave voting constituency, left behind economically; strategic industry, national champions etc. Perfect case for the Brexit Party to expand on. So where's the support?
  7. You entitled to change your opinion but that does not entitle you to have another referendum.
  8. To be fair to these guys it probably will go up again like the way it went up before with MEDIA and VI pushing it up. Trouble is none of them will cash out so what does it matter. There is no store of wealth there not long term anyway. It`s just a drawn out in play bet on the longest horse race in the world. a punt yes but not at the price now, surely to gain maximum profit the VI`s will manipulate the price to virtually nothing pic up the scare sells then whack it back up. i would be up for that scenario. 😄 needs to be life changing to me not i buy a grand worth and it goes up to 10k
  9. Well, you would want to move on and forget but the past. But the Indians are not going to and they set the dialog and the public debate. https://www.google.com/search?q=british+exploitation+of+india+site%3A.in&oq=british+exploit&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j35i39j0l2.7406j0j7&client=ms-android-samsung&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8
  10. You're taking the analogy too far there, it was merely to point out that it's a mistake to reject treatments because they don't deal with causes. A doctor will still treat a cut or a broken arm without knowing what caused it. Of course avoiding or removing whatever caused it in the first place will reduce the chances of it happening again and aid recovery. And even if the treatment can increase the risks of further injury (years ago I ended up with an arm in plaster from hand to shoulder, after getting a small fracture in my elbow, which reduced by ability a little to keep my balance - try flailing your arms around with all that plaster if you slip) it's still better to get the treatment. Of course there are discussions to have about the effectiveness and side-effects of treatments and the medical profession will keep searching for better ones. Yes, and that's known. That's just the same issue about effectiveness and side-effects and the drive to find better treatments rather than a reason to reject it on principle. On balance I'd go for whatever treatment the evidence is greatest for being the most successful. Putting aside any questionable claims of "they'll never happen if they can't be patented", if there aren't trials for whatever reason there isn't that evidence so you're just taking a greater chance with your life. That might be worth it if the odds of chemo achieving anything are very slim so all it's likely to do is make you feel even worse.
  11. seen it before or they keep holding hands and expect you to move around them 😄 nutters
  12. Nil But it could go to a very, very high price before it goes to Nil Worth a little bit of a punt surely? That's the attitude I take. In my view it's a punt and nothing more - we're not all going to be buying crisps from the corner shop with bitcoin. But it now feels almost certain to me that the previous high of $20k will be overtaken at some point, so buying a bit now at $8k (or at least holding it) seems worth doing for the next 5-10 years, even if in 50-100 years' time it will be worth zero.
  13. That is freaky weird - I've never seen anyone do that. People actually walk under the arch they just made?
  14. I'm often one for preferring to live in the past, not being terribly enamoured with the present or likely future, but I do get rather tired of people who hold grudges about things that they weren't on the receiving end of, directing those grudges towards people who didn't have anything to do with them. Why not have a go at the Italians about the Roman Occupation while we're at it? Have they compensated us yet for the actions of Julius Caesar?
  15. Nice retort on Sky News a few minutes ago. Some daft Conservative female MP had stated that there must not be a 2nd referendum "because nobody wants one" and it would seek to reverse the democratic vote of the British people. The retort, from a LibDem? MP was something like "The British people can't reverse the democratic vote of the British people because they are the British People, they would just be updating their opinion".
  16. There is a solution.....they are adapting the letterboxes so can post both letters and parcels.....😉
  17. Q1 2019 NIRPPI Report NIRPPI Link Standardised Price £134,811 Quarterly Change -1% Annual Change +3.5% Number of Sales 4,272
  18. You are offensive, and dwell in the past. https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/economy/foreign-trade/indian-investment-in-uk-on-rise-despite-brexit-report/articleshow/69042421.cms https://qz.com/india/1619817/as-us-tightens-h-1b-norms-the-uk-opens-up-to-india/ https://www.oecd-ilibrary.org/content/paper/ca804af9-en
  19. Quite. But Remainers will keep spinning it (the irony of Remainers accusing others of spinning is huge). A more undemocratic bunch you couldn't meet. The referendum was about what to do, and it was the government's and parliament's job to work out how to do it, a job that they've consistently shied away from in an absolutely atrocious abrogation of responsibility, cheered on by the sort of people who I wouldn't be surprised to call for the results of the next general election to be ignored if they don't get the result they want.
  20. not a lot in it for me £5 difference time you add the quidco cashback it`s actually less than adsl. now tv seems to have the best deals £25 a month fibre with unlimted calls or adsl is £18
  21. Inflation, even less money to spend in the economy.......how can we support all these innovative businesses, buy more of the little so called 'treats and indulgences', go out more, travel more, when debt is hard to come by, expensive over the long-term, and jobs and income irregular and insecure......fighting the wolves from the doors.... a safety net is our own making.....a social safety net now has many holes in it.😉
  22. The thing that p1sses me off about that is that there's no net gain from that. The beancounters might push their company ahead temporarily but then everyone else does it, the people kicked out to accommodate it just have to find some even more meaningless jobs that only exist to keep the plates spinning, and the remaining people get pushed and stressed even more. This is what drives the view I expressed in earlier posts - I no longer really see what society is gaining.
  23. Because fibre costs a bit more. The estimated speed I get from fibre isn't worth bothering paying more for (it's about a mile the route I think the cable takes back to the cabinet).
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  • 195 Brexit, House prices and Summer 2020

    1. 1. Including the effects Brexit, where do you think average UK house prices will be relative to now in June 2020?

      • down 5% +
      • down 2.5%
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      • up 2.5%
      • up 5%

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