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  2. If we voted to remain and, in a few years time if things go sour in the EU, will we be offered another referendum to "update our opinion"?
  3. not sure how fibre is 12mb the bit of copper from the box must be lengthy. could always change the wiring or use powerline ethernet. and switch off the wifi element.
  4. Farage has an ego taller than the Empire State Building. If he can find any way of dominating the news agenda with his face, he'll do it. He loves himself more than any other in the universe.
  5. That's been answered countless times before. The answers are usually just rejected by Remainers because they either take an ultramaterialistic view of the world or fail to understand what they want and like could possibly be different from what other people want and like (or both). The important thing is to know what you mean by "improve an individual's life," and not just narrow that to insisting it has to only be what you think will improve your life. So simply not liking the sort of organisation that the EU is (the large scale, where authority lies etc.) and having that changed is a big improvement to some even if it's meaningless to others. You can no more reject what someone claims is an improvement to them no matter how meaningless it is to you than you can their taste of music. You can roll your eyes at it, form a very low opinion of them for it, but you can't say they're objectively wrong (actually you can because it's valid to question whether someone really does know what they want but that applies equally on all sides). Not appreciating that is a mistake Remainers make time and time again. So do most people to be honest, but it's the Remainers doing it that's relevant here.
  6. The big problem with the EU elections is that the Remain vote is hopelessly split. Tusk has tried to help by advising UK voters who want to remain to vote Change UK, but I'm not sure that will have the desired effect.
  7. The gig economy started like all good neo-liberal things in the USA. Prepare for more of this after Brexit. It's clearly the plan.
  8. Dont forget that M&S has just signed up with Ocado for food deliveries, doesn't take much more to delivered a pair pf trousers as well. Plus there will be more click and collect "stations" in supermarkets etc with next day on soon for other retailers than that supermarkets own stuff.
  9. Question?.......how will leaving the EU improve an individual's life make it better?.......nobody has answered that question. ......being a member has many advantages, take them away the average person will feel the consequences of it...... perhaps they will just bite their lip and say for the good of the country......what is that good?😉
  10. China is only interested in increasing it's access to IP. It's clear their government wants to be number one in the world. To do this without war is smart. But they will leave behind a wasteland in every country that does business with them
  11. Annual +3.6% in Yorkshire -1.9% in London Hilarious.
  12. I get about 7mb on ADSL, the estimate for fibre is 12. I'm not interested in paying any more for that. If it was cheaper, sure (is that cashback offer permanent?) Oh, and some daft sod stuck the master socket in the main bedroom, so if the fibre router still has to be plugged straight in there that would put me off a bit too (don't want anything with glowing lights there). Before I moved I was on a 60mb fibre connection. It's nice to have but easy enough to do without, very much a luxury.
  13. Perhaps Remainers might like to join the Judean Peoples Front or was it the Peoples Front of Judea...i can never remember...lol ...the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?
  14. Sweeping generalisation after sweeping generalisation. Thankfully there are others who do not share your bigotry.
  15. The campaign against independence made a big thing about how voting for independence would put Scotland outside the EU.
  16. Very funny Dave. Nice one. although I am not certain you knew it was funny when you wrote it.
  17. Not going to run. More brown people as Modi has already indicated he wants no hassle immigrant status for India. Farage will just Photoshop his "Breaking Point" poster and all his little people will get even more full of hate. Secondly, we have a climate crisis. The further physical goods get way from us - the more damaging it becomes. Forget it, India, China and the USA are all worse options as a trade block than the EU from the UK perspective. Iceland and the Faroe Islands are going to make up for it though.
  18. Of course, silly me, I forgot, new evidence can only be considered after the condemned man has been hanged .
  19. "cheered on by the sort of people who I wouldn't be surprised to call for the results of the next general election to be ignored if they don't get the result they want." Pretty much what the Democrats in the US are all about 🙂 .. Impeach Him ...Impeach Him....Russians Russians Democrats they don;t know the meaning of the word.....look at the lengths they go to...how that woman was ever allowed to take the stand with no criminal charges or conviction is beyond me...made up baloney from 30 years ago.....
  20. Have we heard anything from Farage about British Steel, for instance? Massive Leave voting constituency, left behind economically; strategic industry, national champions etc. Perfect case for the Brexit Party to expand on. So where's the support?
  21. You entitled to change your opinion but that does not entitle you to have another referendum.
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  • 195 Brexit, House prices and Summer 2020

    1. 1. Including the effects Brexit, where do you think average UK house prices will be relative to now in June 2020?

      • down 5% +
      • down 2.5%
      • Even
      • up 2.5%
      • up 5%

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