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  2. Do you think politics in the UK needs a massive shake up or were you happy with the status quo?
  3. will the next Bo E gov be a hawk ? Powell at least tried to be a hawk to Yellen's dove.....a new broom doesnt want to be a parody of the old one....Carney likely knows events will blow up in their faces....i was surprised he extended his stay so i figure he saw it was safe to do so...but no longer.....the fact hes going means a storm is coming
  4. I k now this is satire but but........is the collective narrative moving against the Boomers........? Here is a Boomer Favourite above: Some of these ships carry 5000 mostly elderly people...evacuting under any circumstances is problematic.....5000 not in the best shape individuals sounds an impossible task.... For a long time there have been outbreaks of illness in some cases leading to quarantine.....5000 capacity...how crazy is that ? These ships are far far too big but have been created to service a market and a generation the likes of which there has never been..... All the while millenials cant buy homes and start families while the other boomer palaces sit empty on land...
  5. When I saw this posted on the Daily Mash twitter feed some codger had replied saying "I paid income tax for 50 years, I at least deserve a bus pass". That feel when the Mash has your number.
  6. So Brexit debate revives the Lib Dems.....if Clegg hadnt propped up Cameron we wouldnt have had HTB and the housing market would have either fallen or stagnated ...which would have been better all round.......now the Brexit the Lib Dems are so against breathes new life into them.......astounding
  7. In my “little oasis” in Yorkshire I am still seeing some investment but much more ‘cash’ based. Typical examples are someone with £500k is still buying a terrace for £160k (rents for £700 pcm) and the rest in cash and equities. If I suggest a crash, they are happy that the asset, whatever it’s value, is tangible and rentable. Whereas equities are perceived all promises of past performance and little assets underneath, particularly with directors and shareholders pulling out the profits each year and the shops selling and leasing back their properties. I guess also when available savings rates are so poor....then the £8400 rent (less the costs many LLs forget) seems too tempting to forgo. I know little of London but imagine the high prices make it impossible for this to play out there Dont get me wrong...prices are wobbling in this North town and I believe they will fall. S24 looks to have had its desired effect...typical BTL (borrow to let) seems to have gone. An aside, in this affluent Yorkshire town any existing home painted in Farrow & Ball at least £80k over base price....AND THOSE ARE STILL SELLING. Surely those can’t all be naive new buyers and real cash investors would run a mile...so still trying to find out who bought a modest 3 bed semi for £345k recently when next door was in for £200k. Same footprint...but had posh kitchen, grey tiled bathroom, blinds and bling chandeliers the only difference. And those new builds are a disaster waiting to happen and a genuine bank risk. What is bewildering is that a new build semi will be £350k, 4 bed detached matchbox £500k. They also can’t be investors surely...I guess owner occupiers? We viewed a few yesterday (we are decorating our house so it was ideas weekend)...streets yet to be tarmac were full of new cars. Houses seem to have 37 to 45 year olds with young (ish) children. Not sure why anyone (banks and buyers) can’t see the future lost value and waste of money. I also know in the North East some areas which have struggled for 10 years, with prices halving in that time. I guess they are already in a different place....and no investors there at the moment. So a bit of a geographical mix at the moment
  8. https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/pensioner-thinks-having-a-job-once-means-he-should-get-everything-free-20190517185696 Bang on
  9. For cheap and only cash..."banks refuse to lend there"..... I do not take a position currently on climate change debate.....apart from the climate changes on its own and always has if anyone thinks climate is a fixed thing the world over, over time is utterly dim beyond belief......the question on top of that are we contributing to the change ? What is happening in this village has and would happen if mankind had no effect on climate change......once upon a time there was no english channel and this land mass was connected to europe by a land bridge......did humans cause that land bridge to fall beneath the waves...of course not.......perhaps it was mammoth farts 😁
  10. Today
  11. Because of this referendum all everyone is thinking of is staying or leaving......when there are so many other issues that require addressing and being ignored or kicked into the grass.....out of the three conventional parties two are split down the middle, only one has a definite destination.......the other option for those with an alternative view is Nigel's new way......this referendum and how it was conducted has changed the whole history of politics.... a massive shake up.
  12. Thx comrade but I will choose how to live my life thanks In addition as a business owner I reserve the right to choose without discrimination who I employ when and at what age to run a profitable business - Therefore creating jobs for everyone including young people and paying far more than my share of taxes because I took the risk to run a business years ago
  13. And yet still stuff is selling there... https://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detail.html?country=england&locationIdentifier=REGION^498&searchLocation=Fairbourne&referrer=landingPage
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  15. The Australian 60 Minutes documentary that Prozac posted explained that in the contract, current 737 pilots had to be type rated for the MAX without undergoing additional flight simulator training. A system that required redundant sensors to trigger it is a critical to safety Class D system, and the addition of one of these would require flight simulator training, hence the single sensor activation (although a left and right one were fitted).
  16. Hyper-inflated sense of value that compensates for tedious interiority. Garden indicates laziness.
  17. We’ve established they are pretty similar. So similar wages, and similar overheated property market.
  18. How can this be a viable business model? Now that fees for tenants are a thing of the past and deposits are capped at 5 weeks' rent the number of tenants struggling to pay the setup costs of a new tenancy will be smaller than it was, plus I believe councils will provide a loan to pay the deposit of housing benefit claimants anyway. Who is the target market?
  19. No surprise there, Liberal Democrats can finished second because they have clear position, opposing Brexit and easy to remember slogan.
  20. The older generations are generally obsessed with mahoosive houses. Not smart. However I believe their identities are so wrapped up in housing it's uncontrollable.
  21. Did it actually sell then I wonder? If I was 70 years old I certainly wouldn't want a house that big at that stage of life! Perhaps they were looking round it on behalf of their son or daughter? Just watched this video which I thought suited this thread. It focuses on Canada, the US and Australia but not Europe.
  22. New Zealand going over the edge I think: https://www.interest.co.nz/property/99667/nationwide-residential-property-sales-volumes-well-down-april-prices-remained-steady
  23. “ The global property boom is over as slowing growth, high prices and rising risks point to the end of the long recovery from the financial crisis, UBS has warned. Rock-bottom interest rates have kept prices rising but the result is that buyers are stretched and are facing record low returns on investment in prime property. Prices have run out of room to grow in many parts of the world in commercial and residential property, and the market cycle is thought to have peaked around nine months ago, the bank and wealth manager warned. UBS's economists suggested a crash could be avoided as long as low interest rates keep on propping up the market, while noting that banks are safer than they were before the credit crunch. "In the past 50-60 years a typical cycle was overheating, creating higher interest rates as central banks tried to cool down the economy, and those financing costs killed the [real estate] cycle," said Thomas Veraguth in UBS’s chief investment office. "Now we are in a situation where interest rates are very low, so what we think is going to happen is a much more gradual downturn, so it is not a crash that we expect. We would really need a severe recession to drive a big correction, but that is not our base case."
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  • 189 Brexit, House prices and Summer 2020

    1. 1. Including the effects Brexit, where do you think average UK house prices will be relative to now in June 2020?

      • down 5% +
      • down 2.5%
      • Even
      • up 2.5%
      • up 5%

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