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Peter Schiff Analogies

Go Schiff!!!- Was just watching a video of Schiff getting mocked by the dummies on FNC 'Bulls and Bears' circa 2006. Would love to see Schiff say 'I told you so!' to Jonas, JBL and the Long-Haired monkey..... FNC should really be sh****d royally for all the p**h they allowed these so-called analyists to spout to dumb American's building a 'portfolio' of stocks.

And don't get me started on the 'voice of cramerica' Jim Cramer. It is this money for nothing attitude that got us f**ked up in the first place. The average Joe bit the investment bug, listened to these experts and thought the money would just roll in without any work- they are going to pay now.

I would jail Cramer and the FOX News stock rampers/liars who mocked him.

Most Americans couldn't tell you what continent they live in for f**k sake. I may just be a wee guy from Glasgow who spent most of his teenage years in jail, but I am not f***ing stupid. How many FNC viewers can say that?

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